Good Fish Biting on our Ft Lauderdale Charters

Big warsaw grouper

Huge warsaw grouper caught on our sportfishing charter.

The fishing is good this week in Fort Lauderdale.  The action on the reef is still hot with lots of bonitos and kingfish still around.  Best bite is in 90-140ft, right on and just outside the reef.  Bonitos are still thick and biting strong.  If you’re catching a lot of bonitos, you are in the perfect zone for kingfish, wahoo and blackfin tunas as well, it’s just bonitos are much more aggressive.  Keep catching the bonitos and you’ll get a surprise on the line every now and then.  It’s great and fun action.

Lots of bonitos just caught on the reef

Great action on the Fort Lauderdale reef.

There are some dolphin offshore right now.  You have to spend some time looking for them but they are out there.  I have found the best zone is about 3-7 miles offshore, wherever the seaweed lines form.  Keep an eye out for Frigate birds out there too.  Dolphin are not a sure thing.  You can spend the whole day out there without a bite.  You can also go out there and find a school and load your whole fishbox up in a matter of minutes.  That’s fishing!  Dolphin are a worthwhile investment in time as it can pay off big.  If you want dolphin do an All Day Trip as it gives you the best shot.  4 hours is often not enough time.

Nice dolphin catch in Ft Lauderdale

Nice catch of dolphin on the Mary B III sportfishing charter.

Wreck fishing is also going good this time of year.  There are some late season amberjacks still biting on the wrecks.  Best season for amberjack fishing is of course the spring months.  It’s kind of late in the year but the amberjacks are still here in better then average numbers.  Also around the wrecks are almaco jacks (a close relative of the amberjack), and once in a while a big grouper.  Black, red groupers and the occasional huge warsaw grouper are possibilities this time of year.

Drift fishing for mutton snappers

Nice mutton snapper caught on our drift fishing trip.

Drift fishing has slowed down a bit but there is still plenty of action on the snappers.  Nice mutton snappers are biting pretty good.  We catch a couple nice mutton snappers on our drift fishing trips more often than not.  Mangroves and yellowtails make up the majority of our keeper snappers though.  Morning and afternoon are both good trips but our night trip is hands down the best.  Snappers are nocturnal and bite best at night.  Mangrove snappers are quite large this time of the year.  With the kingfish and bonitos mixed into the catch, there are some good catches during the day trips too.

Yellowtail snappers are biting

Nice yellowtail snappers caught on our drift boat

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