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Wahoos, Wahoos and more Wahoos this week fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Wahoo caught sportfishing

Big wahoo caught on the all day trip aboard the Mary B III

The wahoo bite is going off in Ft Lauderdale this week.  Just about every trip we’ve run this week has caught one or more wahoos.  They seem to be biting in all depths, but the best bite is defintely on the incoming tide just on the inside of the reef.  They are also biting good on the outside of the reef on the outgoing tide.  Wahoo are biting on everything… trolling baits, spoons, live baits pulled from the outriggers and the downriggers.  The wahoo bite usually peaks in February every year and they really started biting good this week, so get ready for some awesome wahoo fishing.

All day fishing wahoo catch

Another big wahoo caught on the Mary B All Day Fishing Trip

The sail fishing in Fort Lauderdale is also very good this week.  Some monster sailfish are being caught by kite fishing on the edge of the gulfstream.  Yesterday, we caught a humongous sailfish on 25# test for over 2 hours.  It ended up being an over 90 pounder and it fought like a beast.  Most sailfish only take a half hour to 45 mins to fight, but this one was particularly ornery. 

4 wahoo caught on half day fishing trip

4 wahoos caught on a half day sportfishing trip in Ft Lauderdale

Capt Adam and Bobby had a very unusual catch the other day aboard the Out of the Blue.  While kite fishing in 300ft of water, they hooked into and caught an over 6ft mako shark.  Mako sharks are quite rare in Ft Lauderdale, even for us who do a lot of shark fishing charters.  The mako shark ate a 10 pound bloody bonito bait that we had rigged and set on the bottom.  We knew it was a mako shark when it charged the surface and jumped over 10ft in the air.  Mako sharks are one of the only sharks that jumps out of the water while fighting and man, it is awesome!  They also have the scraggliest set of teeth of any shark out there.  While kite fishing and shark fishing, we also had a deep drop line going down with a multi-hook rig.  We caught a pile of tilefish deep dropping while we were big game fishing at the same time.  Excellent fishing this week out of Fort Lauderdale.  Good luck fishing this week everyone.  I’ll sea ya on the water.

Mako shark fishing

Mako shark caught shark fishing in Fort LauderdaleMako shark and a ton of tilefish caught on a sportfishing charter in Ft Lauderdale

Great Bottom Fishing in Fort Lauderdale this week

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Big sailfish and jacks

Big sailfish and 5 big jacks caught sportfishing. 3 of the jacks eaten in half by a big game shark while fighting them up from the wreck

Great action fishing in Fort Lauderdale on the bottom around the shipwrecks this week.  Groupers, jacks and cobia are biting good.  The kingfish action is almost non-existant this week on the troll.  Some nice wahoo are biting on the troll this week, but little to nothing else.  So, we’ve been concentrating lately on kite fishing for sailfish (which are still around and biting good) and wreck fishing for action.  All the wrecks in 200ft and deeper are starting to hold jacks.  Amberjacks and almaco jacks are already showing up, a little earlier this year that we expected them.  It’s been a great bite on them this week.  Drop a pinfish or blue runner to the bottom and you should get a bite instantaneously.  The jacks are ranging in size from 10 pound almacos up to 50 pound amberjacks and they are HUNGRY!

Warsaw grouper

50 pound warsaw grouper caught deep dropping around a shipwreck


Groupers are also biting good on the wrecks these days.  Many groupers are out of season this month, but not all of them.  Black, gag and red groupers are all out of season and must be released.  But the deep water groupers, warsaw and snowy groupers, are still in season and we can keep them! 

Fort Lauderdale grouper fishing

Big black grouper caught bottom dropping in Fort Lauderdale

Cobia are also biting around the wrecks and giving us some good action.  Cobias school up around these wrecks, so when you catch one, keep dropping.  There are bound to be more of them down there.  On this trip, we caught 3 cobias with these guys.  Every drop we made got a cobia and they were big ones, 40-50 pounders.  The wreck fishing should continue to get better and better for us over the next couple of month, all the way until the end of May.   Great fishing and good action in Fort Lauderdale this week.  Let’s go Fishing!

Fort Lauderdale cobia fishing

Big cobia caught deep dropping on a wreck in Fort Lauderdale


cobia fishing

Another big cobia caught by these guys sportfishing in Ft Lauderdale