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Ft Lauderdale Sportfishing

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 Grouper fishing in South Florida

It’s been a really good Christmas week for the fishing boats in South Florida.  We had some good weather and a couple good fishing trips as well.  The bottom fishing around the shipwrecks has been going off.  Big amberjacks are starting to show up on the deep shipwrecks.  We’ve been doing a lot of bottom fishing on our trips, dropping live bonitos and blue runners.  The sucess has been good for us.  A lot of almaco jacks in the 10-15 pound range, and a big 25-40 pound amberjack from drop to drop.  This week we’ve also been catching a rare and wonderful gamefish called the Warsaw grouper. 

Huge grouper caught in Fort Lauderdale 

Warsaw groupers are huge groupers that live in 150-500′ of water around shipwrecks and other bottom structure.  We have a few good runs of them annually and it appears the warsaws are beginning to bite now.  We’ve caught 2 big warsaws in the last couple days, and whenever you start catching a couple, there are more around.  One of the warsaws was about 70 pounds and the other was about 60 pounds.  These are awesome game fish in Ft Lauderdale and put on a hell of a fight.  Not only groupers are biting, but also snappers.  While we’re sitting atop the wreck with a big grouper bait, we also like to drop chicken rigs for snappers.  Red snapper are great eating and a fun way to catch fish while waiting for the big one to eat. 

Light tackle fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

The deep wrecks are alive with fish and so are the shallow wrecks.  Wrecks in 40-60 foot of water are holding a lot of yellowtail and mutton snappers.  Our night anchor trips aboard the Catch My Drift are reporting good snapper action on the shallow water wrecks.  With lots of snappers around the shallow spots, barracuda are moving in.  Sportfishing with live tunas around the shallow wrecks is a fun way to get a big barracuda and a helluva fight.  Barracuda are hellatious fighters on light tackle.  All in all, there’s good fishing in the Fort Lauderdale area.  Let’s go fishing!

Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Report

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It’s been some good fishing this week on the Fishing Headquarters boats this week. The sailfish are still biting good out there. All week, actually all month, the sailfish have been thick out there. This has been a banner year for sailfish off the coast of South Florida. All the sailfish we’re catching are big ones, about 7 feet long. The sailfish are biting the best on our afternoon trips lately. Morning trips have had their fair share of sailfish, but the best catches lately have been in the PM.

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Ft Lauderdale Sport Fishing Report

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The action has slowed down a bit on the reef this past week off Ft. Lauderdale. A lot of the reef fish like kingfish and bonitos didn’t bite that well for us this week as opposed to last week when they were biting good. Fortunately, the sailfish are still biting great on our sportfishing trips. Fort Lauderdale is always a hot spot for sailfish action in the winter time, and this year is no exception.

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