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Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing Good Today

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Dolphin Fishing

Nice dolphin catch on the Mary B III All Day fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

Nice dolphin run coming through today in Ft Lauderdale.  A couple of the boats fishing offshore today found dolphin out there, a couple really nice ones.  The action was a ways offshore today, about 6-8 miles off.  We heard early in the morning that some of the boats fishing offshore were seeing dolphin, so we made the commitment and trolled offshore.  There wasn’t much action to start, a few flying fish getting up here and there, a few patches of weed…not much.  When we got 6 miles offshore, we found a scanty weedline and trolled along it.  We started catching some small dolphin here and there, and then managed to catch a nice cow/bull pair that were 12 and 18 pounds respectively.  A few other boats fishing offshore in Fort Lauderdale today caught dolphin as well.  Our sportfishing boat, the Keeping it Reel was trolling the same weedline as my boat and caught a 30 pound bull.  Late May is usually a great couple weeks of good dolphin fishing.  I hope it lasts!  Good Luck fishing this week everybody, I’ll sea ya on the water.

Bull Dolphin

30 pound bull dolphin caught on a sportfishing charter in Ft Lauderdale

Blackfin Tuna

Nice blackfin tuna caught drift fishing aboard the Mary B III

Drift Fishing for Cobia in Ft Lauderdale

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Ft Lauderdale cobia fishing

Nice pair of cobia caught drift fishing in Ft Lauderdale

The cobia bite is going off on the Ft Lauderdale drift fishing boats.  A friend of mine in Jacksonville, Florida called me last week and said get ready for some great cobia fishing… they’re headed down the coast.  We’re catching them almost every trip these days, nice ones between 20-40 pounders and some even bigger.  Drift fishing is a great way to catch cobia. If a school is swimming down the reef and comes within scent of your drift, you have enough baits set out there to catch every fish in the school.  Cobia love to travel following just behind sea turtles, manta rays, sting rays, whale sharks, whales, or any slow moving marine creature.  In fact, any time I ever spot any of these creatures swimming out there, I always try to get a few baits just behind them in case any cobias are following.  Cobia will eat just about any bait you throw at them… a live pilchard, blue runner or goggle eye, a dead squid, ballyhoo or sardine, and they will even eat cast baits and artificial lures.  Finding them is much harder than getting them to eat.  And above all else, remember that cobias rarely travel alone.  Where there is one, there are almost always others… be ready!

Sport Fishing Charter

Nice catch of cobias, AJs, and sailfish on a Ft Lauderdale sport fishing charter

The sport fishing boats are also catching some cobias, either by kite fishing or deep dropping around the wrecks.  The deep wrecks are also a great place to catch cobia.  When you hook into a cobia on a wreck, they almost always swim right up to the surface to see what’s happening.  If the fish you hook on a wreck shoots right up to the top, it’s probably a cobia. Around the wrecks this month, the groupers are also biting very good.  Black groupers on the 100-200 ft wrecks and snowy groupers and warsaws on the 300-400ft wrecks.  Groupers are finally in-season again here in Florida, and we can catch them at will.  Sailfish are spotty, but they are still around.  A few sailfish, blackfin tuna and wahoo are being caught this week on the sport fishing charter boats, and some smoker kingfish and snappers biting on the drift boats.  There is some good Ft Lauderdale fishing going on out there.  Good luck fishing this week everyone, I’ll sea ya on the water.

cobia caught on Catch My Drift


Fort Lauderdale Sail Fishing Hot Bite

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Lauderdale Sailfishing

Nice sailfish caught sportfishing with Capt Rod on a sportfishing charter

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report
The sailfish bite is going off this week in Fort Lauderdale.  200-300ft of water, wherever the blue-green water color change is that day, is the hot area for the bite.  A lot of these sailfish are mutliple hookups too, pods of 3-4 fish.  May is usually one of the best spring fishing months to catch sailfish.  Some will get caught in the summer months of June-September, but this next couple weeks will be the best sailfish bite we’ll have again until next October.  The strong east wind is a big factor for the good sailfishing this week too.  For kite fishing, the best technique to catch sailfish, we need some wind, which also means some choppy seas.  The choppiest days are usually the best days for sailfish.  Kite fishing in 200-300ft of water is also very good fishing for blackfin tuna and cobia.  A few of these fish are also patrolling the color change in search of food, always keep a pitch bait ready for something unexpected.
Sailfishing Ft Lauderdale

Sailfishing good in Fort Lauderdale this week

Bottom fishing on the shipwrecks also deserves an honorable mention.  Groupers, which have been off-limits to us since January 1, just opened up on the first of this month.  They are on all the wrecks, you just have to drop a bait right on their heads.  Black groupers, gag groupers, warsaw grouper and the deepwater snowy groupers are out there and ready to be caught.  On these wrecks there are also amberjacks up the wazzoo, and a few cobia schools moving through.  Make sure to catch your fish quickly though, sharks are also in season and ready to pounce on any struggling fish you hook into.  We’ve been known to loose more than a few fish this time of year to big bull sharks around the wrecks.  Great fishing this week in Fort Lauderdale.  May is my favorite month to fish in South Florida, because of the great variety of gamefish in the area, and the sheer bio-mass of fish in our waters.  It’s great to see so many fish biting.

Nice amberjack caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Forecast for the next couple weeks
Drift Fishing trips in the morning are going to have good kingfishing, snappers biting better in the afternoon.  A few cobia and blackfin tunas will be mixed in.  Watch out for a few smoker kingfish to get caught over the next few weeks.
Night Snapper fishing will also get really good this month.  The muttons are biting good around the wrecks and on the reef if you chum for a long time.  Yellowtails too are biting, with some mangrove snappers on the bottom.  The full moon in June is the mutton spawn here in Fort Lauderdale.  Try fishing on the June full moon to catch get in on some awesome mutton snapper fishing.
Sportfishing– Wrecks are hot action and as guaranteed a catch as you can get in Ft Lauderdale.  Big amberjacks, groupers, cobias are stacked up.  You shouldn’t have to wait long for a bite.  Kite fishing in 200-300 ft of water means you can catch anything and everything that bites on top… sailfish, sharks, big dolphin, even marlin.  Some of the biggest gamefish of the year will get caught over the next few weeks.  Dolphin fishing is good too, but you need a full day of fishing to get out there, they are mostly 10-15 miles offshore these days.

Groupers biting good in Fort Lauderdale this week