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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing

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Dolphin caught sportfishing

Nice dolphin caught deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Excellent fishing this week as the dolphin spawn continues.  Dolphin are biting in as close to shore as 60 ft of water, inside the second reef.  We are catching them best by trolling skirted ballyhoo and also by live baiting with the kites.  The all day trip yesterday aboard the Mary B III caught a nice pile of mahi-mahi, a nice wahoo, a few king mackerels and a bunch of small blackfin tunas.  Fort Lauderdale fishing is heating up with some nice fish action.

cow dolphin

Nice cow dolphin caught deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The sportfishing charter boats are catching the biggest dolphin these days.  Kite fishing with goggle eyes and mullet is the most effective method for hooking into the biggest bull dolphins.  This morning’s charter aboard the Big Game sportfishing boat caught a cow just under 30 pounds, a monster cow dolphin.  I would have liked to see the bull dolphin that was paired with this one, alas we never saw the bull.  The cow we caught on a live mullet, kite fishing on the 350′ dropoff in Fort Lauderdale.

Deep sea fishing Fort Lauderdale

Nice catch on a deep sea fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

Some nice wahoo and a lot of small-medium sized blackfin tunas are biting out there too.  Trolling 200-300ft of water is working well for wahoo.  Kingfish are biting a bit in on the reef, in 100-150ft of water.  A lot of the kingfish we’re catching are just under size, so I haven’t been spending much time fishing for them lately.  They fatten up quickly and within a month, they’ll be 8-10 pounders, plenty big enough to keep.  The deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale is getting better by the day!

Fort Lauderdale fishing

The All Day deep sea fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale aboard Mary B III

Dolphin Bite Heats Up Fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Couple of nice dolphins caught fishing Fort Lauderdale

Fishing Fort Lauderdale

The dolphin fishing is getting great fishing Fort Lauderdale this week.  Schools of dolphin are coming in to 200ft of water to spawn.  Every March, when the winds come out of the east, the dolphin come in to just inside the Gulfstream current to spawn.  This happens over a 2-3 week period of time, when the dolphin bite phenomenally.  This spawn is starting to happen now.  During the rest of this month and the beginning of next, we’ll see some of the best dolphin fishing of the whole year.  I’m sure you’ll be reading about some monster bull dolphin caught in the next couple weeks.  Dolphin aren’t the only fish at the party.  Wahoo and tunas are also abundant on the reefs this month.  We’ve caught some very nice wahoo the past few days, 20-40 pounders.   Wahoo love fast moving lures and look electric for the first couple minutes after coming out of the water.  Blackfin tunas are all over the place on the reefs too.  They are all mostly little ones, between 3-5 pounds, but we do catch a few 20-30 pounders every now and then.

fishing Fort Lauderdale

Dolphins and kingfish caught fishing Fort Lauderdale

Wreck fishing is also getting great.  Big amberjacks are moving in on the wrecks and taking over.  The entire spring, the amberjack bite is on.  These jack fish are really big, 40- 60 pounds.  We drop live baits down to the bottom near the shipwrecks where these fish gather.  With amberjacks, any live bait that they see gets gobbled up immediately.  Wreck fishing this time of year is fast paced action on big game fish.  Groupers, cubera snapper, sharks, barracuda and cobia also bite around the shipwrecks this season and get caught fishing the same techniques we use to catch amberjacks.  I love wreck fishing in Fort Lauderdale in March.  Shark season is beginning out there too, so all you big game shark hunters get your trips booked.  Late March-early June is the peak of shark season where we’ll catch a ton of big hammerheads, duskys, bulls, and black tips, as well as a few exotic sharks like threshers, makos and tiger sharks.  We’re getting into some of the most  awesome fishing Fort Lauderdale has all year.  Good luck out there everyone.  I’ll sea ya on the water!

Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Giant amberjack caught fishing Ft Lauderdale aboard the Big Game