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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing

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black grouper

Eric with a big black grouper caught deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The wreck fishing in Fort Lauderdale is really getting good.  Groupers are biting like mad around all the wrecks.  Some groupers, such as blacks, reds and gags are out of season, but warsaw grouper, snowy grouper and yellow-edge groupers are all still in-season.  The groupers we can still keep are the deep water groupers, which we catch on the bottom around shipwrecks sunk in 350-400 feet of water.

Fort Lauderdale sportfishing

Andy with a couple big almaco jacks caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

These wrecks are also holding some big game fish.  Amberjacks and almaco jacks are stacking up around these wrecks, as they do every Spring.  They are only just arriving, but are already making their presence known.  These big Jack fish are intensly strong and very aggressive.  As soon as a bait comes within sight or sense of these fish, they gobble it down instantly.  To catch them, we use some of our heaviest tackle and as soon as they bite, we power the boat away from the wreck to try to “pull” them far enough away from the wreck that they can’t get back into their hole and wrap you around a rock.  Pound for pound, these fish are the hardest fighting fish in the ocean and one of the most fun fish to catch deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale.

Wahoo caught sportfishing

Nice wahoo caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Wahoo are biting in close, on the inside edge of the reef.  They are biting best on the incoming tide, in as shallow as 80 feet of water.  Fast trolling spoons or weighted lures is working good, and so is slow trolling live baits.  A few sailfish are also still biting, as we reach the tail end of sailfish season.  There will be scattered sailfish caught here and there during spring and summer, but the big numbers of sailfish are gone until next October.  But good news, the best deep sea fishing time of the year is here- March, April and May.  The are the all around best 3 months of the year for Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing, when you can catch just about anything.  Wrecks are holding monster fish, trolling is action packed for wahoo, tuna and mahi-mahi, there are still some sailfish here and there, and the big game shark migration is going on where we’ll catch sharks up to 10 feet long or bigger.  It’s a great time for fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  Good Luck and Sea you on the water!

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing

Big sailfish caught deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Fishing

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Fort Lauderdale fishing

Fort Lauderdale fishing yesterday aboard the Big Game.

Fort Lauderdale Fishing

The Fort Lauderdale fishing was awesome today!  Dolphin are biting all over the reef and inside edge of the Gulfstream.  Today, we went out on the Big Game and caught a pile of dolphins, a few bonito and a big amberjack.  It was a great trip.  We caught all the dolphin on 100-200ft of water, fishing Fort Lauderdale a mile offshore.  They were all gaffer size ones, 7-12 pounders.  This is the dolphin spawning season.  Anytime we get a strong east wind, the dolphin can potentially be in on the reef.  A couple of sailfish were also caught fishing Fort Lauderdale today, 2 were caught on our own boat the Out of the Blue.  Nice catch guys!  The fishing in Fort Lauderdale was slow last week, but is improving every day.  The past 2 days with this cooler weather has made for some great fishing.

Fort Lauderdale fishing

Great Fort Lauderdale fishing trip around the wrecks!

Wreck fishing is also working well.  We are catching a lot of big amberjacks and some monster grouper fishing the wrecks with live bait.  Yesterday’s trip, with no dolphin biting, we decided to go fish the deep shipwrecks.  We caught a HUGE warsaw grouper and a nice almaco on the morning trip and then a couple more monster amberjacks on the afternoon trip.  Fort Lauderdale’s best fishing season is upon us and the fish are already showing up strong.  Good luck to everyone fishing this week.  There’s some good action out there! Sea ya on the water.

Fort Lauderdale Sailfishing Bite Phenomenal!

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leadering a sailfish

Robert leadering a sailfish next to the boat aboard the Big Game sportfishing boat.

The sailfishing is getting awesome off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.  This week, the Big Game has caught and released over 40 sailfish.  We’re averaging 3-4 sailfish per trip on our sportfishing trips, they are snapping!  January and February are the peak months for sailfish here in Fort Lauderdale.

Billing a sailfish

Bennie billing a sailfish on a sportfishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

This morning’s catch of 3 sailfish and a huge amberjack was a lot of fun.  We started off with a quick stop off at the bait buoy where we caught about 20 tinker mackerals.  Tinker mackerel make great kite baits, but they aren’t always around to be caught.  Well, this month they have been solid all around our bait fishing spots.  With a well-full of tinkers, we ran a mile to the south and launched our kites.

tagging a sailfish

Kevin abount to tag a saifish on a sportfishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

We were just putting out our third bait when we spotted a dorsal fin out of the water, nearby our right short bait.  We started free-spooling the fish right away to let him eat the bait and swallow it down, when we spotted another sailfish trying to eat our long bait.  Free-spooling the fish for a few more seconds, both anglers put their rods in STRIKE together, Capt Rod put the boat in forward and throttled up.  Both fish came jumping out of the water simultaneously and we were hooked up into a double header sailfish.  It took a little over 25 to catch and release the first one, and 10 more minutes to chase down and land the second.  We still had one kite bait out, which was getting dragged across the surface while we were concentrating on fighting the double header sails.  Unbelievably, the tinker mackerel, half dead from being dragged around and looking aweful as a presented bait, got eaten by another sailfish.  We caught the third sailfish and a monster amberjack on a quick drop on wreck on the way in.  The sailfish bite is just astounding right now in Ft Lauderdale.

Nice amberjack and sailfish

Capt Rod with a monster amberjack and a nice sailfish!

There are also some wahoo biting out there.  Trolling out in 180-300′ of water with some deep running lures out is a pretty good bet at a nice wahoo.  Last February some of the biggest wahoo of the year hit the dock.  Wreck fishing is pretty good these days too.  Some warsaw groupers are biting, which you can still keep, as well as black and red groupers which are out of season for a couple more months.  Big amberjacks are starting to show up!  This month is the very beginning of one of our most fun seasons of fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Amberjack Season!  Every year, the amberjacks migrate down through Fort Lauderdale and inhabit our many shipwrecks.  They stack up solid around these wrecks in big numbers. When the amberjacks are around, you don’t have to leave your bait on the bottom long for it to get eaten.  Amberjacks are super aggressive, if they come across your bait, they eat it immediately.  Amberjacks are here from February to late May and they make for one of the most exciting, big fish catching times of the year.  Good luck out there fishing everyone.  Sea ya on the water.

Wahoo just caught

Capt Steve with a monster wahoo caught trolling in Fort Lauderdale