Swordfishing Charters

023 (2)Swordfish in Fort Lauderdale have become one of the most popular and sought after fish in our area. They are incredibly brutal fighters, they are extremely good eating and they are a great trophy fish. On our swordfish trips we run about 14 miles offshore, to the middle of the Gulf Stream current. We set up our drift with squids, live blue runners and glow sticks. Shut down the engines and wait for the bite. When that swordfish takes the bait, there isn’t any rush in the world to match it. Swordfish are famous for taking brutal runs and dives. I’ve caught just about everything that swims off Florida’s coast and I have never found a fish stronger than a swordfish.

Private Swordfishing Charters- up to 6 people

Private swordfishing Charters can be arranged as either Dayime or Night Sword Trips. These trips are totally different from eachother in the way the trip is structured and the technique of fishing.

Daytime Swordfishing

10 Hours 7AM – 5PM

We start off our daytime swordfishing trips by trolling out to fishing grounds. Trolling offshore is very effective for mahi-mahi, tuna and wahoo. When we get out to swordfish territory, we switch over and start our swordfish drops.  Swordfish swim in all water columns but during the daylight hours, they lie down on the bottom, 1000-1400′ deep. To catch them, we deep drop a carefully rigged heavy bait all the way down to the bottom using a 20 pound sinker.  We can usually get about 20-25 minutes of bottom time on a swordfish drop and then it’s time to wind everything up and try again.  Depending on the day and conditions, we can usually get anywhere from 4-6 drops on a standard swordfishing charter.  When it’s time to head home, hopefully we’ll have a giant swordfish laying in the cockpit and we troll the way back home through mahi-mahi territory, giving us one last chance to catch before we’re done for the day.  Daytime swordfishing has produced larger swordfish in size (on average) than our night swordfishing trips do, although night swordfishing trips sometimes catch more swordfish on average than daytime trips produce.

10 Hour Charter $2500 7AM – 5PM

Night Swordfishing

8 Hours 6PM – 2AM

At night, trolling is not as effective as during the day. So on our night trips, instead of trolling out to swordfish territory, we throttle up and run fast out to fishing grounds.  At night, swordfish rise up to the warmer thermoclines to actively look for food and feed.  We set the boat up on a drift and stagger our baits at different depths and distances from the boat. Each bait is fixed with a flashing strobe light to attract the swordfish. We keep the baits positioned at the proper depths and distances from the boat using balloons, which sort of act as large bobbers. When the bobber goes down, you’ve got a monster swordfish on the line.  Night swordfishing generally yields more bites and overall fish than daytime swordfish trips.

8 Hour Charter $2500 6PM – 2AM