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Giant Swordfish caught on our last Friday Night Swordfishing Trip out of Fort Lauderdale

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Once we had all the baits out again, we get a nice bite on the tip line. Hooked up! We fight the fish up to the boat in about 10 minutes. It was a windy night and we were getting pushed away from the fish, so the fight was twice as hard. When we got him to the boat, the fish was a couple inches short so we released him. So, we set back up and after a little while we get hooked up on something really nice. Now this was a big fish.

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A couple great Swordfishing Charters out of Fort Lauderdale

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Well, I forgot to give a fishing report for last Friday Swordfishing trip and man it was a doosy! Well, as soon as we got out there and got our first bait in the water, ZINGGGG!!! Big swordfish, hooked up! We caught the fish in about a 1/2 hour, good fighter. I forget the forklength, but it was about an 80 pounder. A short while later, we get another bite. Swordfish hooked up again. This fish we caught quick, probably only a few minute fight. The fish was undersized, so we released him.

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Recent catches from our Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing trips

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Awesome fishing this past week off Fort Lauderdale. Theres been some awesome fish out there biting. The sportfishing boats have been doing the best lately with good to great catches everyday. Weather has been a bit bleak these past few days, but it looks like this front is moving on and the weather will be beautiful again by mid week. Heres a couple pictures of fish we caught recently on our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters.

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