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Awesome Dolphin Fishing with Fishing Headquarters

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Great dolphin bite in Fort Lauderdale

The Big Game crushed the dolphin on their sportfishing charter today.

The dolphin bite is hot this week for the Fishing Headquarters fleet.  Every trip this week has pretty much come in with a stellar catch of mahi-mahi dolphin.  The bite is going on about 4-5 miles offshore in about 600 feet of water.  A lot of scattered seaweed and debris floating around is bringing all the dolphin out there into that zone.  Several trips this week caught over 20 dolphins, plus there are some big wahoo and many small tunas also biting.  The sailfish action in on the reef is also worth mentioning.  Kite fishing for sailfish with some live goggle eyes for bait is all but a guaranteed bite.  The sailfish are hitting in 100-150ft of water, just a mile off the beach. 

Dolphin and sailfish catch in Fort Lauderdale

Nice dolphin and sailfish catch in Fort Lauderdale on the Big Game

Some good bottom fishing is also going great here in Fort Lauderdale.  There are a few big grouper, snapper and cobia biting around the shipwrecks in 200-300ft of water.  Amberjacks and some various sharks are also biting when bottom fishing around these shipwrecks.  The variety of fish and the sheer action these past couple weeks has been awesome.  Last year, December was the best month of the year for dolphin and sailfish.  If fishing continues in the direction its going, I think this December will be even better than last.  Good luck fishing everyone, there are some great fishing biting!  Sea ya on the water.

Dolphin fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Great dolphin catch on a sportfishing charter aboard the Big Game

All Day Fishing Trip Catching Lots of Dolphin

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Nice dolphin catch

Nice dolphin catch on the all day Mary B III trip- 12 dolphin caught

The all day trip today caught a nice mess of dolphin fish.  The dolphin are biting really good offshore of Fort Lauderdale this week.  Today’s all day trip caught 12 dolphin, yesterday morning’s sportfishing charter caught 17 dolphin, yesterday’s all day trip caught 9 dolphin.  The dolphin are out there and biting good.  There are also a few wahoo and blackfin tuna biting on these trips. 

On today’s trip, knowing the dolphin were around and biting, we headed immediately offshore.  We found a nice weedline and trolled along it.  It wasn’t long before the action started.  We kept hitting pairs of dolphin here and there, every 10 or 15 minutes.  The dolphin were big schoolie size ones.  We caught 12 in total along with a few small blackfin tuna.  After catching the dolphin, Capt Stu came in on the reef and did some bottom fishing in 350ft of water.  We caught 16 tilefish deep dropping in the last hour of the trip.  We only had 6 anglers on the trip today, and everyone went home with plenty of fish for a few dinners.  Dolphin fishing is going great this week on the sport fishing and all day fishing trips.  The sailfish are also biting good out there on the sport fishing trips, but that is for another fishing report.  Sea you on the water.

Nice pair of dolphin caught by Johnny and Doug

Nice dolphin pair caught by Johnny and Doug on the all day trip aboard Mary B III