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30 Dolphin caught on Mary B III All Day trip

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30 dolphin caught on all day trip

30 dolphin caught on the Mary B III's all day fishing trip

The Mary B III had an awesome all day trip yesterday with a catch of 30 dolphin.  Eight anglers went out on our open party all day fishing trip that we go out on every day.  We started off trolling the reef in about 100′ of water.  We spent the first hour catching a few small kingfish and a decent size blackfin tuna.  The Out of the Blue, our sister ship gave us a call that there was a nice color change and weedline out in 450′ of water, so we trolled out there to check it out.  The color change looked awesome, green water on the inside of the current edge and crystal clear,dark blue water on the outside.  The edge was so well defined, it looked like it was drawn with a pencil.  There was scattered weed and miscellaneous pieces of debris strewn along it, and birds were all through the area.  It looked like a Guy Harvey painting out there.  We started getting bites immediately, dolphin were biting every few minutes, we were hooked up constantly.  We threw back as many as we caught because they were too small.  We also had a monster dolphin on for a few minutes but pulled the hooks on him.    The fishing was great throughout the day.  When we got back, we took our pictures and spent over two hours fileting dolphin.  It wa an awesome day of fishing off Fort Lauderdale.


Capt Rod and Scott with a big dolphin just caught

The dolphin fishing isn’t that spectacular every day out here, but almost every trip this week has caught at least a few dolphin.  In fact, the past two weeks of dolphin fishing has been some of the best dolphin fishing I’ve seen in over five years.  The sailfish bite is also going excellent.  November-January is our peak sailfish season here in Fort Lauderdale.  They bite great when the weather gets rough and the temperatures get chilly.  Kite fishing is all but a guaranteed shot on sailfish these days, and many trips we’ll catch multiple sailfish.

Dolphin catch

Nice catch of dolphin caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Dolphin catch behind boat

Nice dolphin caught by this young fisherman aboard the Mary B III


Sailfish and Dolphin Fishing Excellent in Fort Lauderdale

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Big sailfish caught by angler Alan with Capt Rod

The heavy east winds we’re getting are making the seas rough and the fish snap!  Dolphin are all over the reefs in 80-150 feet of water.  We are catching scattered dolphin on almost every trip this week.  Mostly schoolies, but a few of these dolphin have been big bulls.  The all day fishing trip and the sportfishing trips are getting good action trolling.  It’s a great way to cover a lot of ground and find some schools of fish.  Trolling, we’re catching dolphin, small blackfin tunas, a few wahoo and some sailfish.  Sailfish are all over the place.  Captain Al caught 6 sailfish on yesterday’s all day sportfishing charter.  The strong east winds are making the fish hungry.  Kite fishing is by far the most effective way to catch sailfish, especially multiple sailfish.  The sailfish action should remain really strong through to the end of January.  I love the Fort Lauderdale sailfish season!

2 mahi-mahi

Capt Vic, Partick and gals with a couple dolphin caught drift fishing

The Catch My Drift is doing good drift fishing this same area and catching quite a few dolphin of their own.  Drift fishing has been slow for kingfish, just one or two per trip, so we’re concentrating on bottom fishing.  The snappers are biting on the bottom pretty good, along with a few keeper groupers.  Always be ready for anything out there, several trips this week were ambushed by dolphin schools while they were snapper fishing.  The snappers lately have been big, a couple muttons between 15 and 18 pounds were caught this week.  Big mangrove snappers are biting too, mostly on the night trips.  On the night anchor trips, we’re getting some big mangroves, big muttons and a lot small yellowtail snappers.  They are keeper size, but they’re small.

Mutton Snapper

Mr Lee with a monster mutton snapper caught anchor fishing at night

There’s also a lot of small Atlantic sharpnose sharks around on the night fishing trips.  We catch a few here and there and then we get slammed and every rod hooks into one of them.  There are so many of them, we have to move when they start biting.  A couple nights ago we caught over 50 of them they were so thick.  The fishing is good.  There’s a lot of action on all the trips and we’re catching a lot of fish.  Good luck fishing everybody.  Sea ya on the water.

Bull dolphin

Bull dolphin caught on a sportfishing trip with Capt Al

The Bite Is On!

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38 pound Bull dolphin

38 pound Bull dolphin caught on a sportfishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

We are having an awesome couple of days of fishing here in Fort Lauderdale.  The fishing on our reefs has just gotten incredible.  Sailfish are biting all over the place, big bull dolphin are being caught in 150 foot of water, schools of small dolphins everywhere… there is some serious action going on.  This is the best fishing I have seen in a while.  Today, Capt. Rod took out a morning sportfishing charter aboard the Out of the Blue.  They started off the trip flying the kites in 150 foot of water.  20 minutes went by and then they saw the dolphin swimming in hard on the left long.  A bull that size pushes a wake of water as he is charging toward the bait.  The dolphin gagged down the goggle eye and was immediately hooked.  The angler did an awesome job and we caught the fish in under a half hour.  He weighed 38 pounds.

Dolphin Catch

Lots of dolphins caught today aboard the Out of the Blue

There were a lot of big dolphin caught today.  The Catch My Drift caught a couple big dolphin on their morning trip today too.  The dolphin have been biting all week, but today was the best day so far.  Capt Greg and Kevin were fishing on the Keeping It Reel today on an all day charter.  They caught 15 dolphin trolling and live baiting on the reef, and went 1 for 2 on sailfish.  The fishing is just awesome and the cool weather that just hit today might make this awesome fish snap last for a couple more days.  Get out there fishing while you can!  The all day fishing trip is sailing every day this week and we have plenty of room still on our shared sportfishing charters over the next couple days.  Even the drift fishing trips are doing great.  Good luck to everyone on the trips this week.  Catch a bunch!

Sailfish jumping out of the water

Awesome sailfish jumping picture taken from a cell phone camera

Big Wahoo caught drift fishing

55 pound wahoo caught drift fishing