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8 foot mako shark caught Big Game Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

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The boys were deep dropping around a shipwreck in 300 foot of water for vermillion snappers when they got a really nice fish on. The fish started off pulling a lot of drag, but then went completely slack. Capt. Rod yelled to the angler, “WIND! He’s swimming at you.” Sure enough, the angler started reeling rapidly and just before he came tight again on the fish, a huge fish jumped right next to the boat.

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Offshore Dolphin and Wahoo fishing picking up in Fort Lauderdale

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The wahoo in this photo was a very cool fish. We actually caught this one while kite fishing on the blue water edge of the Gulf Stream. Capt. Rod was at the helm with this fish, and John was the mate that day. We put out a nice spread of goggle eyes and mullet out of the kite and waited for the bite. It was kind of slow fishing that day, so while we were kite fishing, we did some deep water drops for red snapper. The conditions were perfect for kite fishing and the baits looked perfect out there.

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Catch My Drift catches 400 pound Swordfish on their Friday Swordfishing Trip in Fort Lauderdale

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Josh heard the engines start up and knew what that meant. Josh shouted, “Everybody wind in fast, we’re going to have to chase this fish down.” Great team effort by everyone because by this time, the fish had pulled off most of the line off the reel. Captain Adam was forced to start chasing the fish down before we even had all the other lines in. The angler moved up towards the bow pulpit and Captain Adam moved the boat in the direction the line was headed. The rest of the anglers got their lines in, and we began the fight. We had only just begun.

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