Excellent fishing this week in Fort Lauderdale

Kids at the dock with their snapper catch

Nice catch of yellowtail and mangrove snappers fishing with these kids.

It’s been a great week of snapper fishing in Ft Lauderdale this week.  Shallow water snappers such as yellowtail and mangroves are biting good in 60-80 feet of water and deepwater snappers such as vermillion snappers (also known as B-Liners) are biting in 200-300 feet of water.  It’s a great way for us to catch action this time of year and as you know, there’s no better eating fish than a red snapper!

Nice mutton snapper caught by these girls

Nice mutton snapper caught by these girls fishing aboard the Catch My Drift

Some larger mutton snappers are biting on our daily drift fishing trips too, as well as a few groupers.  Mutton snappers are the larger snappers that we catch on the reef and average anywhere from 4-16 pounds.  Groupers are biting in the same zone as the mutton snappers, most of them either black or red groupers with the occasional gag grouper too.  On the drift boat, fishing the bottom for these deep water fish is the best ticket to catching action.

Nice amberjack caught by the Wounded Warriors

Nice amberjack caught fishing with the Wounded Warriors

We took the Wounded Warriors out yesterday on a sportfishing charter and caught a nice array of fish.  We caught several nice size amberjacks, approximately 15 vermillion snappers, a big almaco and a few other assorted bottom fish.  It was a great day of fishing with America’s bravest!  Thank you all for serving and I’m glad you guys got to catch some nice fish yesterday.  It’s a great season for fishing Fort Lauderdale and as we get deeper into October, the fishing is going to get better and better.  Good luck to everyone fishing this week, I’ll sea ya on the water.

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