The Amberjacks are Snapping!

Big amberjack caught in Ft Lauderdale

Big amberjack caught deep dropping in 200ft of water atop a shipwreck

We had a great day of fishing today with Eric and Andy.  Capt. Rod ran the trip and decided to do some bottom fishing around the wrecks. The amberjacks were biting great and big ones too!  We caught a few nice amberjacks, a bunch of snappers and a couple nice sharks.  We also did some Intracoastal fishing and caught some jack crevales, blue runners and some small fish we used for live bait.  The weather was excellent and there was perpetual action throughout the day.

Shark near the boat

Nice shark caught fishing with a live barracuda as bait in Ft Lauderdale.

At one point, we caught a small barracuda and decided to use it for live bait.  There have been some big game sharks biting this week and we wanted to see if we could catch one.  We out the live barracuda down on the bottom, nearby a shipwreck in 200ft of water.  It wasn’t long until the rod doubled over and we were hooked up.  The shark ate the barracuda whole in one bite.  We fought him for 20 minutes before getting him to the boat.  We got some nice pictures with the shark and then turned it loose.

Big AJ just caught

Big AJ just caught wreck fishing aboard the Out of the Blue

The amberjacks were big, 40+ pounders and they were eating our baits as soon as they hit the bottom.  Amberjacks are aggressive fish and don’t let a bait sit unmolested for very long.  Many fish will attack a bait on reflex when it comes into their vicinity, even if they aren’t hungry.  Fishing near to the wrecks in 200ft of water is a great way to catch big game fish in Ft Lauderdale this time of year.  Thanks Andy and Eric for a great day of fishing.  It was a lot of fun to fish with you guys again.  Can’t wait till you come back down our way again for some more carnage!

40 pound plus amberjack

Another nice amberjack just caught deep dropping on a Ft Lauderdale fishing charter

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