Great Deep Sea Fishing This Week in Ft Lauderdale

Giant bull dolphin caught offshore sportfishing 

The deep sea fishing was great off Ft Lauderdale this week.  The drift boats have been catching kingfish after kingfish after kingfish.  There have been a lot of kingfish on the reef.  Action has been good on our morning and afternoon drift fishing trips.  The night tirp has been great for snappers of all species.  Yellowtails, mangorves and mutton snappers are what we are targeting on our night anchor trips, but we catch a million other types of bottom fish too.  Pretty much fishing in general has been great. Sportfishing trips are coming in with some really awesome big game fish this week.  Big kingfish, bull dolphin, wahoo, and a few tuna.  There have been some humongous sharks and a few sailfish caught this week as well.  Great fishing in Fort Lauderdale this week.

 Offshore fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

Our morning and afternoon drift fishing trips have been going out all week, despite the bad weather.  It’s been rainy, but otherwise pretty calm out on the ocean.  The fish are already wet, they don’t care if it’s raining!  We’ve been drifting in about 120′ of water and the kingfish action has been constant.  A few kingfish here and there and then we’ll get slammed by a big school of kingfish and then everyone is hooked up.  Those fishermen fishing with bottom fishing rigs have been catching a couple muttons and a few yellowtail.  But I always reccomend fishing with a kingfish rig on the daytime trip.  Kingfish are such fun to catch because take out fast runs on the drag and they are so much bigger than snappers.  If you want to snapper fish, go out on the night trip.  We anchor and target snappers so you will catch a lot more of them than drifting the reef.

 Gaffing a big bull dolphin

The night fishing trips are coming in with some really good catches of snappers.  Yellowtails are biting pretty good, there are soom mangroves mixed in and the muttons are starting to bite good out there too.  Not every night is a mutton night, but we’ve had some good mutton snapper catches this week.  Some time in the next month, we’re going to have the big mutton spawn and we’re going to have some off the scale nights of mutton snapper fishing.  The mutton snappers alway spawn around the June full moon here in Fort Lauderdale, and in the past few years during the mutton spawn, we’ve limited out on mutton snappers.  And all big ones too.   

 Smoker kingfish biting off Fort Lauderdale

Sportfishing has been absolutely great.  I love fishing in May and June.  There’s so much life out there on the reefs.  Baitfish are all over the place.  Kingfish are piling through the baitfish schools and gorging themselves.  There are tunas, bonitos and mahi-mahi coming in on the reef.  Wahoo too are starting to show up good out there.  There’s a lot of action.  Kitefishing on the days with some wind is great too.  Monster sharks are migrating this month.  We’ve been getting some hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks, mako sharks and a couple bull sharks.  Kite fishing has also been great for sailfish.  We’ve had a hellatious spring fishing season.  Some very large bull dolphin coming in close to only 200′ of water.  That’s stuff you only see this time of year deep sea fishing off Fort Lauderdale.  All in all, exceptional fishing this month.  Tight lines everyone.  Sea ya on the water.  

Deep sea fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing

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