2 Swordfish on the Friday Night Swordfishing Trip

Swordfish caught on the Friday Swordfish trip 

It was a beautiful night on the Friday Night Swordfishing Trip this week.  The weather was superb, and the fishing wasn’t half bad either.  We started off trolling offshore, out to swordfish grounds.  We hooked into and caught one small dolphin on the way offshore.  It was a little 5 or 6 pounder.  Captain Adam found a nice little color change offshore.  It’s still daylight out till almost 9 PM these days, and the days are getting longer.  Captain Adam and his mate Josh assisted everyone with getting their lines and buoys set. 

Offshore to Swordfish grounds

It wasn’t long before we got the first bite.  It ate the flat line, the one bait we had only 30 feet off the back of the boat.  It wasn’t a big swordfish, but a swordfish none-the-less.  We caught him in about 20 minutes.  It was strong for such a small one.  We had him on our closest line, which was also our lightest tackle rod accordingly.   The fish was almost legal, only an inch short.  We pulled the fish up and released him. 

Captain Adam holding a swordfish

We didn’t have to bring any of the other lines in.  The fish stayed remarkably clear of everything else we had out there.  We got our second fish on about and hour later.  This one bit the mid depth bait, which was baited with a tinker mackeral.  This fish seemed much bigger and fought for a good 20-30 minutes.  This second swordfish was plenty big enough to bring in.  We fished for a couple more hours, but besides a few slashed squids, we never got another decent bite.  Any swordfishing trip when you go 2 for 2 is a good trip.  Thanks to everyone that came and we look forward to fishing with you again. 

Josh holding a swordfish

P.S.  Just to let everyone know, we are running an 8 hour Snapper fishing anchor trip this Friday night, May 15 from 8PM – 4 AM, if anyone wants to come.  The price is only $50 per person, and includes everything.  We still have plenty of open spots and the snapper fishing has been very good for us lately.  This is the first 8 hour open boat snapper fishing trip we’ve run on the Catch My Drift.  It may be a new monthly trip for us.  Sea you out there.

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