Tuna, mahi-mahi and kingfish 

Daytime Drift Fishing

The fishing in early June is always good action off the South Florida coastline.  In Ft Lauderdale, we’re seeing an abundance of activity on the reefs.  Large bait schools are trying to make their way northward, but are getting beat up hard by huge schools of kingfish.  On our daytime drift fishing trips, we are finding kingfish all over the 100’ reefs.  The kingfish have been ranging in sizes from little 4 pounders, all the way up to the occasional 20 pounder.  Bonitos have begun to show themselves on the reefs this summer with the first few schools hitting us hard last Wednesday.  When the bonitos are coming through, we catch so many fish, we come home sore at night.  It’s a blast and it lasts all summer long.  Bonitos feed alongside the kingfish and sometimes with wahoo or blackfin tuna.  When the bonitos are around, the action is always fierce.

Big cobia just caught drifting on the reef

Night Anchor Fishing

The action on the day drift fishing trips has been good, but the night fishing offers a different style of fishing;  snapper anchor fishing.  Anchor fishing and chumming has been one of my favorite types of fishing since I was a kid.  The chum brings fish in from a long way away and once the chum has been working for a while, the action heats up.  We target snapper of all species; yellowtail, mangrove, lane, mutton, vermillion and any other kind of delicious red snapper down there.  Sometimes we’ll catch something out of the ordinary such as a cobia or big grouper.  I guess I enjoy night anchor fishing because whenever you get a bite, it could be literally anything.  You never know till you catch it. 

Just in from the morning drift fishing trip

Offshore Mahi-Mahi Fishing

June is best month for offshore mahi-mahi fishing.  It is during this and next month when the ocean calms down, heats up and the big piles of sargasm weed stack up.  This is prime conditions for big schools of mahi-mahi.  Mahi-mahi are voracious eaters.  They can grow to over 20 pounds in the first year, but most of the ones we catch in the summer are 5-8 pounders.  June is a great month for finding schools of 30-50 fish congregated together.  Find a school like that and you’re in for an unforgettable fishing experience.  Try the Wednesday all day dolphin trip or a sportfishing charter for an offshore dolphin trip.

Captain Paul with a big mahi-mahi

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