A Few Huge Swordfish caught on the Swordfishing Trip Last Night Out of Fort Lauderdale with Fishing Headquarters

A couole huge swordfish caught swordfishing out of Fort Lauderdale

Wow, what a night.  The swordfishing was good in Fort Lauderdale last night, that’s for sure.  We actually had 2 swordfish trips last night.  One was out Friday night swordfishing trip on the Catch My Drift.  The other was a private swordfish fishing trip on one of our 6 person sportfishing boats.  We caught a whole bunch of swordfish and man was it an exciting night.  Both boats did great and caught them out there.  Here’s the story…

 A really nice swordfish brought in on the open boat swordfishing charter

The Out of the Blue headed out of the inlet at about 4PM.  2 guys chartered the boat privately to themselves for a swordfish trip.  Capt. Eric and John were the crew on that trip and they were eager to go out there in search of the grandaddy of all the big game fish, Broadbill Swordfish.  Capt. Adam and Kevin were the crew on the Catch My Drift last night and they left the dock at 6PM.  The conditions were good last night and the weather was beautiful.  We couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening.  Capt. Eric and Capt. Adam put their heads together and consorted with eachother about what to do this night and where and how best to get some bites.  They decided on a plan of action and both boats had their baits set.  The boats were about a mile away from eachother, but both were fishing the same line of longitude, so both were about on the same drift.  They were set up on a small current edge they found. 

Swordfish fishing is good out of Ft. Lauderdale this week

Capt. Adam on the Catch My Drift was the first to get a bite.  He hooked up with a monster of a fish.  The angler fought the fish for a long time and man, what a fight. When the fish came up to the boat, everyone guestimated him at about a 200 pounder.  The crew was all set to gaff the fish and everything was in place.  As soon as Capt. Adam grabbed the leader, the fish went balistic and started thashing wildly.  The fish was at the pulpit of the bow when he began to wire him, but suddenly swam fiercly to the stern.  Capt. Adam was literally dragged the full 85 feet toward the back of the boat.  He held on as tightly as he could, but there is no man in the world stronger than an angry 200 pound swordfish.  Before a gaff could be stuck into the fish, we pulled the hooks.  It was what we call, a Palm Beach Release.  DANG!!  Well, the rules state that if a mate or captain touches the leader, then it is a caught fish.  It wasn’t an intentional release, but heck, it was a great fish and we had it right at the boat.  And man, what a beautiful fish.  It was huge.  Fortunately, not long after, we got the hooks into another fish that night.  Later on, we caught a 100 pound swordfish that we got into the boat and brought in.  Everyone on the trip was ecstatic and everybody got to take home a ton of swordfish steaks.  It was a great Friday Night Swordfishing trip on the Catch My Drift. 

  These are the guys that caught this fish on the Friday Swordfish charter

Capt. Erik had his own adventure that night.  Not one, not 2, but 3 swordfish caught on his private swordfishing charter.  He was set up a mile or so away from the Catch My Drift, pretty much along the same line of longiture and the same drift.  One of the fish was a small fish and had to be released.  The other 2 swordfish caught were both keeper sized and they got to bring both fish back to the dock.  One of the keeper swordfish was about a 70 pounder and the other was about a 110 pound fish.  There were only 2 guys on the charter, so each person got to catch their own swordfish on the trip.  It’s not often when 100% of the anglers get to land their own swordfish on a swordfishing charter.  The swordfish were certainly snapping out of Fort Lauderdale last night.  What a great couple of trips.  I wish the swordfishing was as good as it was last night every night.  Well, you can’t catch them if you never go out and try for them.  Swordfish are biting out of Ft. Lauderdale right now guys.  If you’re looking for a good time to go out there and catch swordfish, now is an excellent time.  We still have some room on next week’s trip.  Make sure to make reservations early.  Sea ya out there…

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