The Bottom fishing is awesome on the Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing Charters

 The Marolf family holding some really nice bottom fish caught on a Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing charter

Today we had the Marolf family out for a great day of Fort Lauderdale bottom fishing on one of our sportfishing boats.  The had a great trip and caught quite a few snappers and a really nice grouper.  The bottom fishing has been the best thing going for the charter boats these past couple days.  There have been a few sailfish around, but the most action and biggest fishing have all been caught fishing around some of the shipwrecks we have sunk in our waters.  We’ve been dropping 3 hook rigs down to the bottom, baited with whole squids and chunks of cut up bonito.  Mostly snappers have been taking the bait, but every now and then we get something really big on, such as a big golden amberjack or a giant grouper. 

A great catch of grouper and other bottom fish on our sportfishing charter boat 

This is another fishing trip we took out today on one of our other sportfishing charter boats.  These guys were on a shared sportfishing charter and caught themselves some nice snowy groupers, a big pile of vermillion snappers and an enormous warsaw grouper.  The grouper in this photo is guessed at over 70 pounds.  Our scale only goes up to 50 pounds, so we had to guess the weight of it.  It was hard to hold it up for the picture, that was for sure.  An awesome day of bottom fishing out of Fort Lauderdale for the crew of Fishing Headquarters.

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