Holiday Fishing Heating up in Fort Lauderdale

 Lots and lots of snappers caught on the Wednesday all day fishing trip today out of Ft Lauderdale

Santa Claus was good to us this year here in Fort Lauderdale.  He not only brought us toys for Christmas, but he left us a whole bunch of fish out there to catch this week.  Really good day of fishing today on all the boats.  First off, the Wednesday All Day Dolphin trip that we run every week had a killer catch.  We started off as we normally do, looking for dolphin fish offshore.  After a couple hours of not catching much, we decided to come in to try some deep water snapper fishing.  The snapper fishing had been good this week and heck, we don’t care what we catch, as long as we catch fish.  So we came in to about 200′ of water and did some deep dropping.  I’m glad we did too, because we loaded up on the snappers today.  We ended up catching over 80 vermillion snappers.  Wowsers!  We were cleaning fish for a long time when we got in from this trip.  Everyone that went got to take home a huge pile of filets for their fish fry’s tonight.  It was a fun trip and I’m glad everyone got to catch a lot of fish.  I’m thinking of renaming the Wednesday All Day Dolphin Trip to the Wednesday All Day Snapper Trip.  Just kiddin, we still always shoot for dolphin.

Giant golden amberjack caught on one of our shipwrecks that we fish off Fort Lauderdale 

The sportfishing boats are catching some good ones out there too.  The deep ship wrecks have been productive with some really big golden amberjacks.  We caught this great big ole’ amberjack on a live blue runner on top of a shipwreck we know in about 300′ of water.  We also caught a 25 pound gag grouper on the same spot.  Gag groupers are normally shallow water groupers that bite up to about 250′ of water.  You don’t catch them very often in depths of around 300′ or more, so we were pleasantly suprised to see this one come in.  Along with the amberjack and groupers, there are a few big barracuda around the shipwrecks too like the one in this picture below.  He shoulda’ kept his mouth shut!  Live bait fishing around the Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano and Miami shipwrecks has been really good for us this week.  Capt. Erik caught and released a 7 foot long sailfish today on his afternoon trip, which was by far the biggest fish of the day.  I’ve heard of a few other big sailfish caught today, so they are around.  Reef fishing is rather slow right now, but there is plenty of other fishing styles to do that have been yeilding great catches.  This week we are really busy with all the folks here on vacation.  I still have a few trips open so if your looking to go this week or next, sign up early.  We’re filling up fast.  The fish are biting good, so grab some friends and Let’s Do Some Fishing!

Nice barracuda caught on one of our Lauderdale sportfishing charters this week

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