What a Week of Fort Lauderdale Fishing!

 Great fishing trip with Fishing Headquarters

The past couple of days were a lot of fun.  We caught a few great catches.  Lots of bonitos still biting on the Fort Lauderdale drift fishing boats.  We’ve been catching so many bonitos lately that we are releasing them.  We stockpile the bonitos this time of year for bait for the rest of the year, and we’ve put so many bonito strips and chum in the freezer, there isn’t room for any more.  Anyway, there is a lot of action fishing on the reefs.  Kingfish are biting good too.  We’re catching a few nice ones and a lot of smaller ones on just about every trip.  In this picture you see a big black fin tuna we caught on one of the drift fishing trips this week.  The tuna was about a 33 pounder and man do they fight hard.  They take a big run right off the bat and stay down deep the rest of the fight.  It takes a while to catch a big tuna like this one, especially on light tackle. 

 Nice blackfin tuna caught on the drift boat

This picture of the sailfish was from a charter on the drift fishing boat.  We caught this big sailfish which was humongous.  We were going to release it, but when it came up, it was gushing blood so we brought him in.  He was a monster and gave us an awesome fight.  He jumped a number of times and what a show he put on for the anglers, doing a somersault right next to the boat.  A beauty for sure.  We also caught a nice mahi mahi on this trip with some bonitos and kingfish.  Fort Lauderdale has had some good fishing these past few days. 

Caught sailfishing off Fort Lauderdale

On a sidenote, our swordfishing trips is cancelled this week because the Catch My Drift is going to the boatyard for a few days.  We have to fix something on the bottom of the boat and this weekend is about the best time for us to do it, so we’re going to haul the boat out of the water for a few days and repair it.  The Mary B III is going to be taking the open boat trips while the Catch My Drift is down.  We’re going to be using the Mary B III for our open boat fishing trips from this Wednesday 9/5/07 to next Wednesday 9/12/07 which means that our All Day Dolphin trip is going to be cancelled too this week.  Sorry for the inconvienence everyone, but we’ll resume our normal schedule with all the extra trips ASAP.  THE OPEN BOAT TRIPS ARE ALL STILL GOING THIS WEEK!  Good Luck everybody.

-Capt. Andy

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