We caught a 65 pound cobia this afternoon fishing off Fort Lauderdale

By August 30, 2007July 26th, 2018Drift Fishing Reports

Wow, a 65 pound cobia caught on our drift fishing boat, the Catch My Drift.  A very nice cobia, about as big as we ever catch them.  We were fishing the reef in about 100′ of water when the cobia swam up.  We all saw him there on the surface and everyone frantically tried to get their baits in front of him.  It was amazing that everyone throwing everything but the rods themselves at the fish, he didn’t get spooked.  It looked like a shark on the surface at first and them someone yelled cobia and we knew what it was.  Anyway, he took the bait and took a dive.  Fish fought pretty hard for a little while, but we got him to the boat pretty quickly.

Deep sea fishing trip catches big cobia

Big cobia caught on our deep sea fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

The real fight started when we gaffed him.  No I don’t know if you’ve ever gaffed a cobia before, but to pull a 65 pound cobia 10 feet over the rail of a drift boat when the fish is going ballistic is NOT EASY.  We got him into the boat after a few pulled muscles and clubbed him to get him to stop beating us all up.  Wow, what a beauty.  Most of the cobia we catch throughout the year are after Thanksgiving.  I guess this one was early.

Box of yellowtail snappers

Lots of yellowtail snapper in the box during our night anchor fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

I never get any photos of our night snapper trips because they come in so late, but Capt. Chuck was going out with a couple of his buddies(not working, just for fun) so I sent him out with the camera to get a few pictures for the blog.  They caught a lot of yellowtail snappers and some other critters.  There were a few nice mangroves caught, lots of yellowtail snapper, one big mutton and tons of other little reef critters we threw back like little grunts, squirrel fish, triggers and a pesky eel.  The night trips have been doing good and if your up for action, the night anchor trip is the trip for you.

Crazy Capt Chuck with a yellowtail snapper he just caught

Capt Chuck holding a yellowtail snapper on our night anchor trip

By the way, this is a picture of Capt. Chuck, hahahahah.

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