Labor Day Weekend- Fort Lauderdale Shark Fishing

Fort Lauderdale shark fishing charter 

The sharks were here this week off of Fort Lauderdale.  Sand Bar sharks, bull sharks and I even heard a news report of a shark attack off Ft. Lauderdale beach involving a spinner shark today.  The sharks were here in numbers this weekend and the sportfishing charter boats caught ’em good.  We had two big sharks these past 2 days along with lots of bonitos and kingfish, which the sharks were almost definetly feeding on.  Also a few big barracudas were found on the the reefs this week.  The fishing was pretty good for these guys.

Great Fort Lauderdale family attraction

This trip too had a good catch and a monster shark for the wall.  These fish are strong as they come and put up an awesome fight.  We use the heavisest tackle they make to catch them and even on those sized reels, they are hard to fight.  There were a couple nice dolphins caught this weekend too.  The mahi mahi were coming in close to the reef and the sportfishing boats got to catch some nice dolphin fish, about 10-12 pounders.  Kings, bonito, dolphin, and sharks-  what isn’t biting out of Ft. Lauderdale.  Lets go Fishing!

Fort Lauderdale sportfishing action

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