2 Sharks on the same rig caught sportfishing off Ft. Lauderdale

Fighting a monster on a Penn International while on a Fort Lauderdale fishing trip 

That’s right, we caught 2 sharks on the same rig while sharking off Port Everglades on our fishing trip yesterday.  Pretty bizzare for us.  It certainly doesn’t happen every trip.  The sharks were both pretty dang big and this guy didn’t just have to fight one big fish, he had to fight both of ’em.  A great job done by all and a really nice shark.  This was the fish I told you about in my last blog report, but I just got the pictures emailed to me. 

2 sharks on the same rig caught fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

Back at the dock with our big catch

What a beauty and lemme tell you, this fish fought his butt off.  You can see in the picture how bent over the rod is, and thats one of the biggest rods they make.  It takes a pretty large fish to bend a rod like that over.  Good job to the crew and angler for catching them, and some really big kingfish too.  This other curious fish is a jack crevelle, a fish we normally catch in the intercoastal waterway, but this one was offshore a bit.  Great day of fishing.

a jack crevelle caught offshore