Dolphin Action on our All Day Fishing Trip

Nice dolphin catch on the Mary B III

Nice catch of dolphin on the Mary B III fishing trip

Our all day dolphin trip today had a great catch of dolphin.  They were biting in 150-400ft of water, just 1-2 miles off Fort Lauderdale beach.  We caught them scattered along the blue-green color change which is the edge of the Gulfsteam.  This warm water current, brings with it all the migratory fish, such as dolphin, tuna, wahoo, sailfish and more.  Today, it was dolphin and almost all the fish we caught were really nice ones.  Only one of the dolphin was under 10 pounds and the largest was 24 pounds.

Nice dolphin fish

Nice dolphin fish caught on the Mary B III All Day Trip

The dolphin were scattered and not schooled up.  We only caught 2 of the dolphin together, the rest were randomly caught throughout the day.  Usually, when we find dolphin, we find them all clumped together in a big school.  Today was not like that.  We caught them sporadically throughout the trip along weedlines, under birds circling low to the water and near floating debris.  It was more fun this way for us because there was action throughout the trip.  The dolphin bite is hot in south Florida right now.  This is the month that the dolphin come into the reef to do their annual spawning.  If you want to come out on a great trip to catch some mahi-mahi, do our all day trip aboard the Mary B III or a sportfishing charter.  Good luck to everyone fishing this week!

dolphin and kingfish at the dock

Nice catch of dolphin and kingfish at the dock

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