Night Anchor Fishing HOT this week in Ft Lauderdale

cubera snapper at the dock

Nice cubera caught night fishing aboard the Catch My Drift

The night bite is hot in Ft Lauderdale the past few nights.  Great catches of snapper, grouper, different kinds of sharks and more.  The big story this week was a nice cubera snapper caught by Rachel, from Texas.  Cubera snapper are the largest snapper in the snapper family and are very rare for us to catch fishing in Ft Lauderdale.  In fact, to have a chance at catching a cubera snapper, you usually need to use a live lobster for bait.  This cubera snapper ate our normal bottom rig baited with a chunk of squid.  What a bite!

Nice grouper and snapper at night

Nice snapper and grouper caught anchor fishing at night

Larger mangrove and mutton snappers are biting also.  We’re catching them in 60-70ft of water, anchor fishing and chumming.  The mutton bite is getting particularly strong out there and is spilling over to the daytime trips too.  Our morning and afternoon drift fishing trips are coming home with some big muttons too.  Groupers are around and biting better this year than last.  Black, gag and red groupers are being caught, mostly on our night fishing trips.  And cobia are making their presence known as we’re catching a couple on the reefs and wrecks.

mutton snapper

Nice mutton snapper just caught drift fishing on the Catch My Drift

You can catch anything at night and we do.  Small to medium sized sharks are biting on our night trips, mostly blacktip and Atlantic Sharpnose sharks.  They are fun to catch and put up a good fight on our lighter tackle.  Grunts, triggerfish, squirrelfish, porgies, jacks and just about anything else that lives on the bottom can be caught night anchor fishing and mixed in with the catch.  Our night trips are definitely catching the most fish out of any of our daily open party fishing trips.  It’s a great time to come fishing and with it being so hot during the day, night fishing is a great way to get out there and do some deep sea fishing.  Good luck everyone fishing this week, I’ll sea ya on the water.

cubera snapper at night

Another pic of the big cubera caught night fishing on the Catch My Drift


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