Dolphin Fishing Heating Up in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale dolphin fishing

Nice catch of dolphin on a sportfishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

There’s a great dolphin bite going on in Fort Lauderdale this week.  All our sportfishing charters are catching dolphin offshore.  The bite is happening 4-6 miles offshore.  The debris from the storm has formed into a nice line of scattered seaweed, sparced with pieces of rubbish floating every here or there.  There’s dolphin scattered along this weed line, along with the possible wahoo or sailfish.  Elsewhere offshore, tuna are stacked tight into big schools offshore.  I was out there today and saw them busting all over the place.  We caught some small blackfins out of the schools, but I didn’t have much time to fish them. Where there are small blackfins and skipjacks, there very well might be some big yellowfins.  Offshore action is pretty hot this week.  All our sportfishing charters are finding dolphin offshore, along with some other fish.

Sportfishing charter

Nice catch of dolphin on a sportfishing charter with Fishing Headquarters

In on the reef, the bonitos and kingfish are still biting aggressively.  Our drift fishing trips and other reef trips are catching lots of them.  A few wahoo were also caught this week on the drift fishing trips and sportfishing shared charters.  The wahoo are biting best in the morning trips, with tuna showing up better in the afternoon.  Snapper fishing at night is hot.  Lots of mangrove snappers biting on our night trips, and a few big cobia at night too.  With this hot dolphin bite going on offshore, I highly reccomend our shared sportfishing charters or the all day trip.  Catch the dolphin while they are here thick, they don’t bite this good that often.

dolphin fishing

Great day of dolphin fishing on a Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charter

Wahoo fishing

30 pound plus wahoo are biting good this week in Fort Lauderdale

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