Storm Stirs Up the Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Kingfish and snapper

Nice mutton snappers, kingfish and dolphin caught drift fishing on the Catch My Drift

The Tropical Storm Isaac just flew past our coast the other day and although the weather has been bad, the fishing has gotten really good.  With few to no boats out there fishing the past few days, the spots all seem to be holding more fish.  Drift fishing this week has gotten particularly good, for both kingfish and mutton snappers.  With the bonitos starting to fade away, the kingfish are showing back up on the reefs with renewed force.  Every trip since the storm has been good on kingfish.  Those fishermen fishing the bottom for mutton snappers are catching a lot too.  Mutton snappers, grouper and a couple cobia are being caught out there fishing the bottom.  Ballyhoo plugs and chunks of squid are the best baits on the bottom.  Our night fishing anchor trips for snapper are also catching a load of snappers, mostly mangroves and yellowtails.

Nice cobia caught drift fishing on Catch My Drift

Nice cobia caught by this young angler on the Catch My Drift

Sportfishing season is about to get started with September marking the beginning of sailfish season.  The sailfish are already starting to show up for us.  The other day on a half day sportfishing charter, the Big Game caught 3 sailfish.  3 sailfish is a pretty good trip in the heart of sailfish season and we’re not even officially into September yet.  I feel that this is going to be a great sailfish season.  A few mahi-mahi around, but not jumping in the boat.  With an 8 hour trip, you have good odds at finding them.  Our all day trip tomorrow is going out there to fish around some of the debris floating out there that was kicked up from this storm.  Tomorrrow’s all day trip could be very interesting for dolphin.  Lots of fish biting out there, on the top, bottom and everywhere in-between.  Sea ya on the water!

Night fishing for snapper

Full box of snappers caught night anchor fishing aboard the Catch My Drift


Nice sailfish caught sportfishing in Ft Lauderdale aboard the Big Game

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