Some nice fish showing up in Fort Lauderdale

dolphin fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

After a very slow period the last few weeks, we’re starting to catch some awesome fish out there.  I’ll focus this report mostly on the drift fishing, which has gotten incredibly better.  The kingfish are back!!  We’ve missed them, but they came back to us this week in great numbers.  The morning trip has been the best for the kingfish.  We’ve also been catching a few blackfin tunas.  There have been some cool fish around.  I will write the sportfishing report in a couple days.  You will be amazed at the fish we’ve been putting on the docks this week.  But the drift fishing has improved immensly over the past few days.

mahi-mahi biting on the drift fishing trips 

Our Wednesday All Day trip this week didn’t do much for dolphin.  They caught some kings and other reef fish, but the dolphin fishing was slow for them that day.  Thursday, the very next day on our half day fishing trip, our party boat the Catch My Drift caught a pile of dolphin. The dolphin were pouring through on the reef on Thursday and we caught about 15 of them.  The Wednesday trip last week was one day too late it seemed.  Today, the sportfishing boat caught some humongous dolphins which I’ll post pictures of when I post my next report. 

Reef fishing in Fort Lauderdale

There have been kingfish, dolphin, blackfin tuna, bonito and snapper on the daily party boat fishing trips.  The fishing should continue to be good for all of March, April and May.  An honorable mention has been the wreck fishing.  This week, the groupers have been hitting particularly well for us.  On this trip, we caught a 3 big snowy groupers, a few jacks and some vermillion snappers.  A nice catch of some good eating fish.  Fishing is getting awesome.  I will start updating my fishing reports more often now that the fishing is better.  Come out fishing with us!

Fort Lauderdale Grouper fishing

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