The Fort Lauderdale Shark fishing season has begun

Hooked up to a monster shark in Fort Lauderdale

SHARKS ARE HERE!  The shark train is coming through.  Chooo-chooo!  Every year, from February to June, a massive migration of hammerhead, bull, dusky and thresher sharks swim through our waters.  We get so many sharks and it lasts for so long, that we call it the shark train.  This is the best time of the year to go big game shark fishing.  Our sportfishing charter boats, the Big Game and the Out of the Blue have been catching some monster sharks this week.  Our biggest shark of the week was this 300 pound hammerhead shark that you see swimming in this photo.  The fish was a brutal fighter and the angler that caught it, got to experience the fight of a lifetime. 

Fort Lauderdale shark fishing trips

We run a lot of shark fishing trips this season, but there are some other nice fish around this time of year also.  The mahi-mahi dolphin fish have started to show themselves again.  They don’t much care for cold water, so very few of them are usually caught in the winter months.  It’s warming up nicely here in Fort Lauderdale and so the dolphin fish should start biting better and better.  We’ve been seeing some nice dolphin caught on the Wednesday All Day Dolphin Fishing Trip and on some of our daily shared sportfishing charters.  It’s good to see some mahi-mahi biting again.

Offshore dolphin fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The wrecks are always active in the Spring.  Golden amberjacks are numerous around the South Florida shipwrecks right now.  Amberjacks are very strong fish and its not uncommon to catch one up to 50 pounds this time of year.  Also feeding on the small bait fish around the local shipwrecks are cobia, grouper and snapper.  Cobia and groupers are also big game fish and can be caught into the 50 pound range.  In the Spring months, you can literally catch anything because EVERYTHING is biting.  Wreck fishing can be very fun though because of the large game fish and all the action that happens.

Barracuda caught live baiting in South Florida

The reef fishing isn’t bad either.  We just got finished with a relatively slow winter for reef fishing, but all that changes when things get sunny and warm again.  Kingfish are starting to bite good on the morning and afternoon drift fishing trips.  Trolling for kingfish has been very productive this week too.  On our morning trip today, we caught a  35 pound blackfin tuna which was the biggest fish caught of the trip.  We should see a few big schools of blackfin tuna off the Fort Lauderdale coast in the weeks to come. 

Nice Barracuda caught on a sportfishing charter

All in all, we’ve had some great fishing this month.  March, April and May are my 3 favorite months for deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  Sea you on the water. 

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