Sailfish fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Sailfish fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

The weather has been COLD for us Florida folks this week.  I’m sure it is colder up in the northern states, but Floridians are not used to such cold weather.  The good thing about this cold weather is that the sailfish always bite good when there is a cold front coming through.  The cooler temperatures have brought the sailfish up and they are feeding good.  Most of the other surface feeders have slowed down a bit, but they’ll be back soon when the temperatures warm up.  But sailfish is what’s hot right now.  The Ft Lauderdale sportfishing boats are catching sailfish great this month, so it’s a great time to get out on a charter if you really want to get a sailfish.  This is the tail end of the sailfish season, so this is pretty much your last month to have a really good shot at catching one. 

Wreck fishing in Ft Lauderdale for amberjacks 

Sailfish are one of those species that’s around throughout the year here in Ft Lauderdale.   The best bite on them is the winter though.  I would say that we catch over 70% of all the sailfish we catch in a year in the months of November through February.  You can catch a sailfish in the hottest months of August and September, but you have a lot better chances in the winter season.  The sailfish we’ve been catching on our sportfishing charters this year have been beauties.  Almost all of them have been 6-7 feet long and sometimes even a bit bigger.  They are by far the most fun fish to catch because of all the jumping they do when they’re on the line. 

Fighting a big one on a sportfishing charter 

Sailfish aren’t the only fish biting in Ft Lauderdale right now.  The wrecks have been holding some pretty nice fish too.  Big amberjacks and some nice grouper are being caught around the 200-300′ shipwrecks we have in our area.  Wreck fishing is fun, because you can literally catch just about anything and you never know what you have on the line until you get him to the boat.  Big game sharks have begun to show up as well.  We’ve started to catch a few hammerhead sharks, a few bull sharks and even a couple mako sharks in the last couple weeks.  The sharks will be migrating through our waters throughout the months of February until late May.  In recent years, the shark fishing has gotten better and better out here.  Spring fish are on their way, so get ready for some awesome action.  It’s going to be an awesome fishing season in Ft Lauderdale.  Sea ya on the water.

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