8 foot mako shark caught Big Game Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Mako shark caught on the Big Game sportfishing boat 

There are some monster fish around the Fort Lauderdale shipwrecks this week.  We’ve been catching some pretty cool monster fish out there.  The recent cold snap has gotten the sailfish very active on the edge of the Gulfstream.  A few days, when the temperatures were down in the 40’s, we had a couple days where we caught between 2-4 sailfish per trip.  It was off the chain.  On a recent deep sea fishing charter on board the Big Game, we caught an 8 foot mako shark.  Mako sharks are very uncommon here in Florida.  The boys were deep dropping around a shipwreck in 300 foot of water for vermillion snappers when they got a really nice fish on.  The fish started off pulling a lot of drag, but then went completely slack.  Capt. Rod yelled to the angler, “WIND!  He’s swimming at you.”  Sure enough, the angler started reeling rapidly and just before he came tight again on the fish, a huge fish jumped right next to the boat.    Nobody saw what the fish was when it jumped and Rod thought it may have been a swordfish.  After a grueling hour and a half fight, they got the fish up to the boat and it was an 8 foot mako shark.  Mako sharks are very good eating, so we brought it in.  The customers that caught the fish took half of it to fill their freezer and left half of it for the crew to eat themselves and to give away.  Awesome shark fishing trip and thanks guys and congrats on a very awesome game fish. 

Shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Drift fishing this week has been fairly productive.  The kingfish have been slow for us, but kingfish are not the only fish in the ocean.  The snapper and groupers are here and in good numbers.  Red snapper in 300-400′ of water are biting good for us on both the morning and afternoon trips.  In on the reef, the yellowtail snapper and red groupers are being caught regularly.  A lot of the grouper are too small to keep, but a few are big enough to bring in.  Red groupers have a very high size limit now, so all but the biggest of them must be released.  Almost all of the snapper we have been catching are plenty big enough to keep and our anglers have been going home with some nice bags of snapper filets.  The fish of the week was a huge sailfish, caught and released aboard the Catch My Drift.  The cold weather has brought up a couple big game fish, and the sailfish which have been on a lull, have started biting for us again.   Pretty good fishing all around for the Fort Lauderdale charter fishing boats.  Sea ya out on the deep sea!

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