Fort Lauderdale Night Fishing on the Catch My Drift

Captain Billy, Jaime, Josh Jr., Sal, and Jonathan posing with their catch 

Sorry I haven’t written a post in so long.  One of my engines broke down on me, so I’ve been working hard to get it fixed up right.  We got a new engine now, so everything should be great.  Anyway, today’s post is about a fishing trip for a couple young boys who went on one of our night anchor trips.  Captain Billy was at the helm and Josh Jr. and Jaime were in the cockpit with the fishermen.

Sal holding some of his fish on our night anchor fishing trip out of Fort Lauderdale

It was a great night out there with a lot of action.  This trip was one of our 7:30 PM- 11:30 PM trips we run on the Catch My Drift.  It was our anchor fishing trip where we go out to the reef and anchor fish for yellowtail snappers and other reef fish.  It was a pretty nice night, only lightly choppy.  We anchored upcurrent of one of our shallow water spots in about 80′ of water.  The mates started chumming the water to get the fish hungry.  It worked.  Not soon after we stopped to fish did we start getting some good action. 

Nice box of fish on this night anchor fishing trip

Lots of grunts, goggle eyes, squirrel fish, trigger fish and other throw back fish were caught.  We got into the blue runners later on in the night.  They were big ones too, 4-5 pounders.  Blue runners are normally not that large and they were biting crazy.  We probably released as many as we brought in.    The snappers were biting really good too.  We got into the vermillion snappers and caught a ton of them.  Vermillion snappers don’t normally bite this close to shore, but they did on this night.  Vermillion snappers are normally deeper water snappers.  We typically catch them in depth’s of 200-300′ of water.  Thats why catching them this night in only 80′ of water was so interesting. 

Sal Venuto Jr. Age 12 and Jonathan Cefalo Age 12

It was a good night of fishing and lots of action.  Sal Venuto Jr. and his friend Jonathan Cefalo, both boys age 12, were visiting from New York City and went fishing on our night trip aboard the Catch My Drift.  The boys sent me this nice email and all these photos.  Thanks for fishing with us guys and we look forward to having you back soon. 

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