Fort Lauderdale Shark Fishing Charters are getting RED HOT!

Monster hammerhead shark just caught while fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

There are some monster sharks biting off the South Florida coast right now.  This is the time of year that the big game sharks show up and man, are they biting with a fury.  We’ve been catching some huge hammerhead sharks this week and last week, and the shark fishing season has just begun.  These photos were sent to me by some lucky fishermen that fished with us recently.  The big game shark fish are not a guaranteed species of fish to catch out there, but this is definitely the time of year to go fishing if you’re looking to catch some really big game fish. 

Nice hammerhead shark swimming on the top of the water

Hammerhead sharks are one of the most sought after shark species in the world.  Their strangely shaped head, resembling a hammer, makes them a very unique shark.  Their eyes are positioned on the lateral aspects of the hammers on their head, giving them ultimate peripheral vision.  Their skin is thick and tough, like armor plating.  Their jaws are strong with hundreds and hundreds of razor sharp teeth.  They hunt their prey in the sun on the top of the water and in the blackness of the abyss on the bottom of the ocean.  They are quite literally, nature’s perfect predator.

Captain Josh leadering a great hammerhead shark

Every year, between the months of March-June, the big game sharks like hammerheads run a massive migration northward along the South Florida coastline.    The hammerheads that we’re getting are between 6-9′ in length and average 100-300 pounds.  These are some big fish.  Along with the hammerheads are also the occasional sailfish, mahi mahi and big tuna.  Also, this is a great photo of the big swordfish we caught on the Friday night swordfish trip, a Friday or 2 ago.  This fish was around 165 pounds and fought us for over 2 hours.  I’ll have another report for you in a day or 2, but the fishing is great out there again finally, so let’s go do some shark fishing

Alicia Koval and friends on their Fort Lauderdale fishing trip

Dan posing with a 165 pound swordfish just caught on the Fridayu night swordfishing trip

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