Great Trips on the Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing Boats this week

Awesome hammerhead shark just caught shark fishing off Fort Lauderdale 

Great fishing this past week.  There have been many a big game fish hitting the docks here in Fort Lauderdale this week.  We’ve had some incredible sailfishing on the sportfishing charter boats.  The odd weather we’ve been having this week has made the sailfish hungry.  We’ve been getting multiple shots on them almost everyday on live baits.  With the sailfish have been some monster sharks, big mahi mahi and some very nice fish around the shipwrecks.  We caught our first Big Eye Thresher shark of the season the other day.  It was a monster shark, about 13 feet long(their tails give them about 6 of those feet).  We catch these sharks occasssionally this time of year, usually when we are kite fishing on the edge of the gulfstream.  They are rare, but we always catch a couple this time of the year when all the sharks are moving through.

This young boy caught a great big barracuda thats almost bigger than he is on a night fishing trip in Ft. Lauderdale 

Hammerhead sharks have been biting great as well.  Kite fishing and bottom fishing have been what we do on most of our half day trips.  Kite fishing is excellent for catching sailfish, sharks, mahi mahi, tuna and kingfish.  Bottom fishing is great for catching grouper, barracuda, golden amberjacks and cobia.  What coicidence that those species just so happen to be biting this season of the year.  This is a cool photo if a kid that went out with us on a night fishing trip with his dad.  He got to catch this big barracuda while downrigger fishing just above a shipwreck.  Very cool fish and I think the fish is bigger than him.  Nice job.

Nice bull dolphin caught on a Fort Lauderdale sport fishing charter 

There have been some big mahi mahi biting too.  This photo is a very very nice sized mahi mahi that we caught fishing only about a mile offshore of Ft. Lauderdale beach.  The dolphin like this one come in close to shore in these months in search of food and to mate.  They usually hit out of the blue, whenever your not expecting anything.  I believe we caught this one on the kite with a live bait, although trolling is the best way to catch mahi mahi.  The Ft Lauderdale sportfishing has been very good lately and should continue for a few months.  This is my favorite fishing season of the year.  Our swordfishing trip the other night was a hit too.  We caught and boated a 165 pounder.  I’ll post the report and photos of that fish tommorrow.  Sea ya all out there in the deep sea. 

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