Recent catches from our Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing trips

 Awesome photo of a sailfish just caught on a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter

Awesome fishing this past week off Fort Lauderdale.  Theres been some awesome fish out there biting.  The sportfishing boats have been doing the best lately with good to great catches everyday.  Weather has been a bit bleak these past few days, but it looks like this front is moving on and the weather will be beautiful again by mid week.  Heres a couple pictures of fish we caught recently on our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Huge sailfish caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale 

The photo above was a really big sailfish we caught last week some time.  This fish put up a brutal fight for almost 45 minutes.  Capt. Adam and Rod were on the boat that day.  The same day on their other trip that day the guys caught and released 2 sailfish.  The sailfishing has been great for the past few weeks.  This cold weather has pushed some big fish up to the surface.  We’ve been catching one or two sailfish a trip during this cold front we’re having right now, but don’t expect this awesome bite to last long.  We’ll probably have good sailfishing for the next couple weeks though. 

Nice wahoo just caught on a Ft. Lauderdale sport fishing charter

Sailfish aren’t the only big fish biting out there.  We’ve been getting some bigger pelagic fish too.  This photo with a father and son with a big wahoo they caught trolling lures offshore.  The wahoo was about a 45 pounder, which is a great big one around here.  Wahoo are generally a rare fish that we catch, but when the conditions are right, we have been known to catch a big one now and again.  We’ve been getting a few big wahoos lately and some big mahi mahi dolphins too.  Several dolphin over 30 pounds have hit the docks this week.  The drift boats are even getting a few dolphins lately. 

Cool photo of a guy catching a sailfish

This is a picture of a guy we had out the other day while he was catching a sailfish.  I just liked the photo with the sun in the background and him all intense while he’s fighting the fish.  The photo below was a huge hammerhead shark we just caught.  There have been some big hammerheads caught lately and that just means one thing.  Shark fishing is here early this year.  Book your shark fishing trips now.  1 mile off Fort Lauderdale we catch some monster sharks.  Hammerhead, thresher, mako, bull, sand bar, lemon, etc… we catch some big sharks out here.  Anyway, shark season lasts till about August so if your looking to catch something your own size or bigger, we are experts at big game shark fishing.  Really good fishing this week, don’t let the weather scare you, this front is about gone.  Cya out there.

Monster hammerhead shark caught on a Fort Lauderdale shark fishing trip

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