Good Daytime Action on the Fort Lauderdale Party Fishing Boats

 very nice bottom fishing catch from the Fort Lauderdale drift boats

The drift boats have been doing great with some nice catches of bottom fish and mahi mahi and kingfish.  Our 2 daytime drift fishing trips have been coming in with some good catches these past few days.  Suprisingly, there have been some really big groupers caught while fishing off Fort Lauderdale.  On this trip, we caught about a 40 pound warsaw grouper.  Everyone was ecstatic after catching this one.  On that same trip, we also caught a really big sailfish, about a 7 footer, that we released.  The fishing around some of the shipwrecks that we fish everyday has been yeilding red groupers, black groupers and even warsaw groupers. 

Really nice warsaw grouper caught in Fort Lauderdale

The mahi mahi and kingfishing has been getting pretty good lately too.  Still not red hot, but there are a few fish to be caught out there.  The mahi mahi don’t bite every trip.  Usually we’ll be catching some kingfish and some snappers and then suddenly someone sees a yellow or a turquoise fish swimming around the boat.  Everyone yells, “Dolphin!” and throws their lines to it.  Typically, whenever you see a dolphin, there will be 2 or 3 more with him and sometimes a whole school.  Anyway, there have been some small schools of dolphin biting and the kings are biting decent again finally too.  Pretty good fishing out of Ft. Lauderdale these days, so Lets Go Fishing!

Some nice dolphin and kings caught by these guys fishing in Fort Lauderdale

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