A couple great Swordfishing Charters out of Fort Lauderdale

 Guys with the hammerhead they just caught on our Friday Night Swordfishing trip out of Fort Lauderdale

Well, I forgot to give a fishing report for last Friday Swordfishing trip and man it was a doosy!  Well, as soon as we got out there and got our first bait in the water, ZINGGGG!!!  Big swordfish, hooked up!  We caught the fish in about a 1/2 hour, good fighter.  I forget the forklength, but it was about an 80 pounder.  A short while later, we get another bite.  Swordfish hooked up again.  This fish we caught quick, probably only a few minute fight.  The fish was undersized, so we released him.  We get set up again and Wammo!  Another big fish.  The fish is coming to the boat for the first few minutes of the fight, so Adam thought it was a smaller fish.  When the fish gets just so we can see the light in the distance, he takes off.  The fish takes a run from hell.  He striped off line so fast off that 50W that the drag was actually smoking.  There wasn’t much line left on the reel, we could see the knot on the bottom of the spool and we still had a lot of lines out still fishing so chasing the fish down was not an option.  As if we didn’t have enough going on at the time, one of the other lines on the boat get a bite and its another BIG fish.  This fish starts screeming line off too.  We had this fish on an 80, but it was spooling us as well.  Well, we were about to get to the knot on the first fish, so Capt. Adam tightened the drag a nudge.  Immediately the hooks pulled, a total bummer.  A few seconds later, we pulled the hooks on the other fish.  It was heartbreaking to loose those 2 fish, no telling what they were.  They were probably a couple of huge swordfish, but we never got to see the fish.  You never know, could have been a giant tuna or a huge mako shark.  We’ll never know.  It would have been sweet to catch one or both of them though.

 The guys posing with their big hammerhead shark caught swordfishing off Fort Lauderdale

All that action wasn’t even the end of it for that night.  We got 2 more fish on that evening, but pulled the hooks on both of them.  Well, we brought one back home, so everyone had plenty of swordfish filets to take home with them.  It was a great night last week, very exciting.  2/6 on swordfish, with one brought in and one released.  Let me apologize for not putting the camera on the boat the night they went out.  I forgot to before the trip and I’m kicking myself now for not having any photos of the swordfish.  These photos of the hammerhead shark hanging were from our Friday night swordfishing trip 2 weeks ago.  We didn’t catch any swordfish that night, the fishing was slow.  But we did catch this monster hammerhead shark.  Here’s a photo of the 2 guys that caught the fish, what a nice one.  We’re going out swordfishing tommorrow night, so I hope the fishing is as good as last week was.  We’ve still got a couple open seats if anyone wants to go on Friday Night’s trip.  This last photo is a big grouper we caught on one of our sportfishing charters.  Its about a 25 pound black grouper that we caught bottom fishing around one of our shipwrecks here in Fort Lauderdale.  The sportfishing has been good in South Florida this past month and we’re getting into my favorite time of year to fish.  Let’s go fishing!

Rod with a big black grouper just caught bottom fishing off Fort Lauderdale

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