Christmas Fishing this week in Fort Lauderdale

Big Almaco jack caught sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The fishing was pretty decent today.  We went sportfishing on the Big Game, both morning and evening trips.  On the morning trip, we caught a huge sailfish almost 7 feet long.  The fish bit while kite fishing on top of the 3rd reef off Fort Lauderdale.  As soon as we got it on the line, the fish started jumping like mad.  It was a great fight and when we released it, the fish made one last jump kinda like saying goodbye.  What a cool fish.  After that, we decided to go try some wreck fishing.  We started off dropping with the little snapper rigs, but something big kept biting us off.  So we dropped a live bait on the big rod down and wammo!  Instabite giant almaco jack.  Almaco jacks are super strong and use their tall head and dorsal fins to fight you all the way to the top of the water.  Few fish can pull as hard as these can for their size.  On the late evening trip, we got to catch a big amberjack on the same shipwreck we caught the almaco on this morning.  When it got dark out, we put out the shark baits and got a huge lemon shark.  What a beast, this fish actually tried to eat the boat when he got close.  He took a big bite of the splash rail, which is right at out water line.  He let go pretty quick though when all he tasted was a big mouthful of fiberglass.  The shark left a pretty cool battle scar on the boat though(cool teeth marks).  We released the big shark-a-saurus and we watched him swim back down to the bottom.  He better keep his mouth shut next time.

Nice golden amberjack caught sport fishing out of Ft. Lauderdale

The drift fishing boat did good today as well.  We got into the snappers pretty good.  Quite a few muttons snappers were caught today, along with some decent sized yellowtail snapper.  Most of the mutton snappers were too small to keep, but it was still fun fishing for and catching them.  The yellowtails turned on as soon as we got into less than 120′ of water.  It was like someone turned on a switch that started the yellowtail bite.  These guys got a nice bunch of snappers for their dinner table tonight.  The fishing has been good guys and with everyone visiting from out of town and looking for things to do on their vacation, why not take them fishing on a sportfishing or a drift fishing trip.  Let’s go fishing!

Lot's of snappers caught on this drift fishing trip

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