A couple huge fish caught on our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Boats

Some big snowy groupers caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale 

There was some good bottom fishing on the sportfishing boats today, fishing Fort Lauderdale wrecks.  We did some deep dropping on some of the shipwrecks that we’ve left in peace for far too long.  We caught quite a few groupers and lots of vermillion snappers.  It was good to see some groupers coming in.  We caught the deep water snowy groupers that we have to drop down in over 400 feet of water to get.  They take a long time to bring up from that deep, but they sure are great eating fish.  This is a photo of a couple of the bigger groupers, held by Capt. Johan and Joey. 

Giant golden amberjacks caught offshore of Ft. Lauderdale on the sportfishing boats 

These other photos are of a couple other charters we’ve taken out these past couple days.  The shipwrecks in town have been holding some of these giant golden amberjacks.  Amberjacks are some of the strongest fish in the ocean and man, do they put up a great fight.  These were caught on some of the 200′ shipwrecks we have offshore of Fort Lauderdale beach.  Both of these fish are over 40 pounds.  On another great sportfishing charter, we caught this huge golden hammerhead shark.  This fish was a beast.  He fought brutally hard and after the long and taxing fight with the fish, another challenge was getting the huge fish in the boat.  We got him in the boat, and wow, what a trophy fish this one was.  There are some sea monsters swimming around Ft. Lauderdale waters these days.  Good fishing this week and the weather is great.

Giant golden hammerhead shark caught on our sportfishing boat, the Big Game

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