Fort Lauderdale fishing week in recap-Drift fishing and Sportfishing Report

Nice sailfish caught on a Fort Lauderdale sportfishing trip 

Sorry I have been so long since my last post on the fishing blog these past few days.  My computer was broken so I couldn’t log on to post anything.  All is fixed now though, so I should be posting regularly again.  Good fishing this past week in Fort Lauderdale.  We’ve been doing great on both the sportfishing boats and the drift fishing trips we run everyday.  The mullet(small baitfish we use) are making their annual run down the beach, and they are literally everywhere.  Every canal in Fort Lauderdale is filled with tons of mullets and we see them offshore in giant schools every day.  Put it this way, we haven’t had any trouble getting live baits to fish with this past week or so. 

 Giant Mahi mahi caught sportfishing offshore of Ft. Lauderdale

Sportfishing has been particularly great this week.  The sailfish are coming through, chasing all the mullet around, so they are biting great.  We’re not catching them every single trip, but on some days we’re even catching multiples.  This is a photo from the other day.  It was a huge sailfish and it was actually hooked in the tail, so it fought twice as hard.  By the time we finally got it to the boat, the fish had died, so we brought it in.  Most sailfish we catch are all catch and release.  We caught the sailfish early on in the trip, so the customers said, “guys, we got our big game fish for the day… Lets go catch some dinner.”  So we went to one of the shipwrecks we fish just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale and we nailed a nice mess of snappers.  The snapper fishing has been really good as well.  

A lot of actions caught on this open party drift fishing trip 

On another sportfishing trip this week, we caught this giant mahi mahi (dolphin fish).  Most of the dolphin we catch are between 6-12 pounds, but this one was well over 30 pounds.  We didn’t get the weight of the fish, but I guess him at about a 33-34 pounder.  There was plenty of filets on this fish and even Capt. Johan got to take a piece home for dinner.  The mahi mahi have been biting suprisingly good lately.  Most of them, as I’ve said, have been between 6-12 pounds and also the occassional monster dolphin like this one. 

The drift fishing has been good too.  Lots of snappers being caught on our day trip.  Mutton snappers between 4-10 pounds are the biggest, but also 1-3 pound yellowtails and the same sized mangrove snappers are being caught.  Deep water vermillion snappers are biting also but only when the conditions are right.  A few larger sized groupers are being caught on the half day drift fishing trips too.  Most of the groupers are red groupers, but we’ve also caught a few black groupers and snowys lately as well.  The night trips report that they’ve been getting lots and lots of yellowtail snappers.  There’s been some other snappers biting at night also like muttons and grovers, but the yellowtail have been hiting great for us.  All in all, the drift fishing AND the sportfishing has been really good fishing lately, so if you have a day off work, let’s go fishing! 

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