Sailfishing on the Fort Lauderdale charter fishing boats

 Sailfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Sailfish is what’s biting right now off Fort Lauderdale.  Today the sportfishing boats all got to catch sailfish, they were biting all over.  Our charter fishing boats went out to the 3rd reef off Fort Lauderdale and put the kites up.  It wasn’t long until old mister sailfish showed up and stuck his big dorsal fin out of the water.  He swallowed the bait whole and took off in a fury.  Capt. Johan put the boat in gear and went ahead to try and get all the slack out of the line.  The angler got to do battle with this one for a really long time.  When the fish came up, it looked strange.  The fish was swimming down deep, where most sailfish tend to stay near the surface.  It was also taking some huge runs and it was twice as heavy as most sailfish are to bring in.  When finally got the fish up to the surface, but by then the fish looked really strange.  We knew it was a sailfish because it jumped as soon as we hooked up on it.  We got the boat a little closer to the fish and realized why it looked so funny out there.  The fish was hooked directly in the tail.  We had to fight him that whole time backwards.  Well, by the time we got the fish up, it was drowned so rather than releasing a dead fish, we brought this one in.  It was a huge sailfish though.

Drift fishing trips are biting good these days 

The drift boats have been catching a few too.  Snappers are still biting a bit as are the mahi mahi.  Mahi mahi fish have been between 6-8 pounds on average with the occassional 15 pounder here and there.  Kingfish are biting slow but we’re still catching a few of them too.  Today we caught a blackfin tuna that was a nice surprise.  We’ve been hearing some boats getting some larger wahoo’s down south so we are expecting a good wahoo bite in the next few days.  We’re getting our lures and baits ready for them.  Still good fishing out there, especially sportfishing, and we’re looking forward to a gorgeous weekend.   Sea ya all out there…

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