A Non-Stop Action Fishing Excursion in Fort Lauderdale

 Fort Lauderdale snapper fishing trip

An interesting day out there yesterday folks.  We had a private drift boat charter on our drift fishing boat, the Mary B III.  The guys said 2 things:  They wanted to get some good eating fish and they wanted to do some bottom fishing.  Well, lucky for them the conditions were perfect and Capt. Erik knew just where to take them.  He took them to one of his snapper spots that he doesn’t get to fish very often.  The mate rigged everyone up with multiple hook rigs and heavy leads to get them to the bottom.  It wasn’t long after the boat stopped that everyone was puling fish up, 2 at a time.  The guys filled the entire box with vermillion snappers and other bottom fish.  Dropping down and winding up 2 fish at a time from 200-300′ of water can be tiring.  These guys went home with sore muscles from all the work they had to do on their fishing trip, and they thought they were on vacation!  Well, they limited out on snappers on this trip and they decided to call it a day.  Erik and Scott, the crew of the boat were filleting fish for just shy of 3 hours.  There’s going to be an awesome fish fry this weekend.  The fishing is awesome right now and not just snappers are biting.  Kingfish, dolphin, wahoo, sailfish and swordfish are all biting great these days so if you can get out there fishing, get out there now while the fishing is good.

Private Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing Charter

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