Fort Lauderdale Birthday Fishing Trip for 9 Year Old Mike Kastrintel

The kids were busy on this Fort Lauderdale fishing charter

Mike Kastrintel wanted to have his birthday party this year on a fishing boat, so his mom and dad gave us a call and chartered the Mary B III, our 55′ party fishing boat for a half day of fishing.  Mike brought about 10 of his buddies with him and some of them brought their moms and dads along too.  Well, Mike always had his heart set on catching a sailfish so Capt. Paul went out there and put the fishing kites up with some live baits.  The kids were fishing too with bottom baits for snappers and let me tell you, those kids had a blast.  The fish were biting good and all the kids got to catch snappers.  They were catching them 2 at a time and had pretty decent action the whole trip.  We caught a ton of vermillion snappers along with some other bottom critters like trigger fish and grunts and stuff.  We never got to catch a sailfish that day, but we still came in with a great catch.  The kids had a great time, and suprisingly, only a few of them had ever been fishing before.  All the kids were amazed at the flying fish we saw gliding around and getting chased out of the water.  We saw a couple big sea turtles too that were cool to watch.  The trip was for the kids but the grown ups had fun too, dehooking fish and taking pictures.  I think everybody had a good time and a bunch of the adults They got lots of fish to take home and cook up for dinner.  Some of the dads on the boat said they loved it and would be bringing their kids to have birthdays on the boat.  Thanks to everyone that came and Happy 9th Birthday Mike.  Don’t worry about the sailfish.  I was 11 when I caught my first one.  Sometimes it takes a few trips to get lucky.  You got a lot of years left on ya to catch one of those fish.  Sea yas all tommorrow…

9 year old Mike and his fishing buddies posing with their catch

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