Quad Sailfish Caught on Today’s Fort Lauderdale Fishing trip

Found some photos of the Quad sailfish day the other day 

Awesome day today fishing out of Fort Lauderdale.  Today, even though the weather was still rough from the tropical storm, we went fishing anyway.  We had some brave customers that didn’t care how rough the water was, they were going fishing NO MATTER WHAT.  Well, their choice to go sport fishing today was rewarded with an awesome catch.  We started off trolling dead rigged ballyhoo along the Ft. Lauderdale natural reef in about 100′ of water.  We caught a couple kings and a nice dolphin but the amazing thing of today was the sailfish action.  We got jumped by a pod of sailfish that all hit at the same time.  It was mass chaos in the cockpit, but Rod(my brother) was the mate today and he did a great job in coaching everyone while they fought and landed 4 sailfish all at the same time.  Fish were jumping every which way and they all put on a great display.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put the camera on the boat, but the customers had a camera and said they will mail me some photos of their deep sea fishing trip for me to put on the website.  What a day for me to forget to put the camera on the boat.  We got each of the sailfish up to the boat, and released all 4 of them.  All the fish swam away healthy and will be there for us to catch another day.  The Fort Lauderdale sportfishing has been great these last few weeks despite the bad weather.  The weather looks like it’s going to get better for us for the weekend though.  This storm will be way north of us by tommorrow so the weekend looks like it will be excellent weather for us.  I’ll post some photos of the sportfishing trip as soon as I get them from the guys that caught the fish.  Fishing is good right now in Ft. Lauderdale, so come on, lets go fishing!

Dude fighting a big sailfish, what a day of great fishing in Fort Lauderdale

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