aweome fishing out of Fort Lauderdale this week 

Sorry I haven’t written a post in the past couple days.  I’ve been FISHING!  Fishing has been really good these past few days.  The sailfishing has been off the scale with multiple sailfish caught on every trip.  Yesterday, we were out with a group and we caught 2 sailfish.  One we caught on the troll, on our planer bait.  He ate a pink seawitch with a bonito strip rigged behind it.  He was a small sailfish, about a 15-20 pounder, and only about 4 feet long.  We don’t catch that many sailfish that size.  The sailfish was a little one, hooked through his top and lower jaw.  I usually don’t, but this one I brought aboard really quick to take the hook out of him.  We released it quickly and it swam away.  This fish, if we did not get the hook out of him, would have died for sure.  About a half hour later, we hooked up on another sailfish, also on the troll.  This fish was about a 7 footer, a lot bigger than the other one.  We fought him for quite a while but eventually got him to the boat.  Awesome fish, and great fight.  Also that day we caught a bunch of dolphins, some kingfish and some small tunas.  Fishing was great that morning.

beautiful little sailfish released yesterday sportfishing out of Fort Lauderdale 

The afternoon trip on the same day was just as good.  On the afternoon trip, we hit a pod of sailfish.  We had 3 on at the same time and again, we caught them on the troll.  All these fish bit the surface lures and we caught 2 out of the 3 of them.  All in all the sailfishing has been stupendous these past couple days.  I think the fish are biting so good because we just had that tropical storm come through, which stirred up the ocean and got everything hungry.  You should see all the baitfish out there getting chased around.  Its like fishing in some Guy Harvey painting these days out of Fort Lauderdale.  Besides the double header sailfish we caught trolling, we also caught a whole bunch of dolphins.  The dolphins are coming into 100′ of water and sometimes even shallower.  I can’t blame them for coming in so close to shore.  The bait in close is amazing and the fish always go where the food is. 

Lots of dolohin being caught sportfishing out of Fort Lauderdale

There has been a nice weedline out of Fort Lauderdale about 1-2 miles offshore.  The dolphin have been stacking up on it, as have been wahoo and tunas.  Lots and lots and lots of dolphin have been biting on every trip, both sportfishing and drift fishing.  The Miami and Pompano boats have been reporting good catches too, but the Fort Lauderdale fishing boats have been really pulling in the best catches.  Last picture is a great day we had the day before yesterday.  It was my friend Mark the fiberglass man and his 2 boys.  We started the day out catching live ballyhoo and switched over to trolling when we finished that.  3 big kingfish in the boat immediately as soon as we put the first few baits out.  After that, we kept trolling some more and caught this huge 60 pound cobia.  Like I said, sportfishing has been going off the chain lately out of Fort Lauderdale.  As if all that wasn’t enough, soon after the big cobia, we caught a huge sailfish.  One of his sons caught the big cobia and the other caught the sailfish.  While we were fighting the sailfish and clearing all the lines, a couple of dolphin fish swam up on us and grabbed a couple of our baits.  We caught them, all while backing down on the big sail we were fighting on stand up tackle.  What an awesome day of fishing. 

Rod holding a dolphin we just caught sportfishing 

Basically, thats how the fishing has been the past few days.  Not a lot of time left over for me to write fishing reports because the fishing has been so good.  Anyway, today is my day off so I’m catching up.  Looks like the fishing is going to be awesome this week, so LET’S GO FISHING!!!

This is the awesome photo from our Fort Lauderdale fishing trip

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