Rough Seas but Awesome fishing- Big sailfish and dolphins caught today on a Fort Lauderdale sport fishing charter

Good Fort Lauderdale sport fishing charter today

Beautiful sailfish caught today on our Fort Lauderdale sport fishing charter.  We went out today in the howling winds and braves the savage seas.  It was a rough one out there today.  Seas were 6′-10′ but we went out there on the morning trip.  It was pretty good fishing too, so we were glad we went out.  We started out trolling but with the rough seas, we switched right over to kite fishing.  This time of year when the wind is up, kite fishing is the best ticket to catch nice fish.  So up went the kite and we put out a spread of mullets.  It wasn’t long before we got jumped by a school of dolphin fish.  We caught 4 of them and missed a few others.  We defenitely didn’t catch the entire school, there were more fish there.  I saw a lot of aqua blue flashes all around the boat when we were fighting the dolphins to the boat, which means there was a pretty nice school of fish there.  We must have caught the scout though, because they buggered off pretty quickly.  After the dolphins, we popped the kites right back up.  It wasn’t a very long time until we saw the dorsal fin swimming tight circles around the frenzied mullet.  It was a big sailfish and he swallowed the bait whole.  Instantly the fish started jumping and screaming line off the reel.  A good fight by the fish and the angler and we got him to the boat.  Fish was spewing up blood so we brought him in.  Despite the huge seas out there, the fishing trip was a success.  With the hurricane just offshore of our coast, the waves are big but the fishing is good.  The storm doesn’t look like it is going to hit us and by Friday the seas should be a lot nicer.  If anyone wants to go out there and go fishing, we’re up for it if you are.  We’ll have the whole ocean to ourselves because most charter boats are too chicken to go out in rough weather.  They just don’t know that days when the weather is like this, the fishing is really good. 

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