Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Private Sportfishing Charters - Groups of 7-15 people

Often we would get a group of 7 or more people in a group that wanted to do a private sportfishing charter. Unfortunately, most charter boats in Fort Lauderdale are only licensed to take a maximum of 6 people. Because both of our drift fishing boats are licensed to take more than 6 people, we have converted the Mary B III over to run sportfishing trips. We stocked the boat with kite fishing equipment, heavy tackle for shark and marlin fishing, Group Fishing Fort Lauderdalereinforced rod holders, live bait tanks, and trolling lures. She is fully rigged and ready for sportfishing charters and we’ve been running charters on her for about a year now.

The Mary B III, although originally set up to be a drift fishing boat, can take out groups of 7-15 people sportfishing. Everything is the same as the regular sport fishing charter boats, except she can hold more people and has a lot more room for fishing. Kite fishing on this boat is actually easier and better because rather than fishing in only the small cockpit area you will on most charter boats, you will be fishing along the side of the boat. This means you will have a lot more room to work around in, and you can put out more baits. Inside the main cabin, there are 2 dinette tables with bench seating.

Group Fishing Fort LauderdaleFor trolling, we are loaded with all the best lures and jigs available and our drift boat captains know the reef better than anyone because they fish the reef every single day. On days when she is not privately chartered, the Mary B III runs an open party all day 8 hour fishing trip for up to 15 people, usually offshore for dolphin or sportfishing the reef and inside edge of the Gulfstream. The Mary B III is also a great vessel for fishing tournaments, especially sailfish tournaments where we can fish up to 4 kites simultaneously. Also, give Capt. Andy a call if you would like information about making the trip a team building event.

The following are prices for chartering the Mary B III for a private sportfishing charter:

4 Hour Charters
6 Hour Charters

8 Hour Charters


Private Charters On Large Drift Boat15 people is the general number where rather than sportfishing, we will switch to drift fishing. It’s difficult to sportfish with more than 15 people on the boat but a drift fishing charter would be perfect with more than 15. This is a perfect fishing trip for birthday parties, bachelor parties, company get-togethers, team building activities, Fort Lauderdale spring break events, and large family vacations. For reservations to privately charter the Mary B III, please call Capt. Andy at (754)214-7863.