Fort Lauderdale Swordfishing Private Charter- Success Again!

Fort Lauderdale swordfishing on a private charter

We got a swordfishing charter at the last minute last night.  It wasn’t on the books at all and these guys came up and said take me swordfishing right now!  Capt. Johan grabbed some squids and ran offshore a ways to swordfish territory.  The fish hit at about 11:30PM and took a huge run of line.  He definetly didn’t come in easy, thats for sure.  Fortunately for us, the fish got hooked right in the perfect spot:  the corner of the mouth.  Swordfish are notorious for getting off because the hook pulls through their soft jaws.  Well this one was hooked good and after a grueling 25 minute fight, we got the fish in.  The angler who caught him had never caught a swordfish before, but he took instruction from the crew great and got the fish in within record time.  The fish was about a 150 pounder but he fought like a 200 pound one.  There were so many swordfish steaks, the guys didn’t have room for them in the cooler they brought, hahaha.  The cooler was overflowing, and that was only after half the fish got cut up.  So they left the other half for the crew to stock their freezers with and give to friends, thanks guys.  The Fort Lauderdale swordfishing has been going great.  Our past 2 trips for them we’ve come home with big ones.  No matter what anyone says, the swordfish definetly bite better at night, even though day time swordfishing is the new thing.  A lot of the guys going out in the day are coming home skunked.  Thats not to say you can’t catch a daytime swordfish.  In fact, I really enjoy the new daytime swordfishing.  But its not as red hot as people are claiming.  The simple fact is that swordfish come up to the surface at night to feed.  Daytime they are on the bottom resting and only feeding on the occassional squid that happens to drift directly past them.  At night, swordfish are swimming all over LOOKING for something to eat.  Anyway, the swordfishing is good right now and I highly  reccomend a night time swordfishing trip.  They are the biggest fish out here to catch and what a prize when you come home with one.  Cya out there and schedule a Swordfishing Charter now! 

Night swordfish fishing trip on the Big Game out of Fort Lauderdale

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