Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing and Drift fishing is RED HOT right now… Check out these fishing trips

Great drift fishing catch out of Fort Lauderdale

The great fishing conitinues out of Fort Lauderdale.  Lots and lots of action on both the drift fishing boats and the sportfishing charter boats.  These photos are all from yesterday’s trips.  We went on the drift boat yesterday and caught a ton of vermillion snappers.  There was a nice slow drift so we put the boat directly over one of our good snapper spots and caught them for almost the whole trip.  While we were catching the snappers, we also caught a couple small dolphins and a few kingfish.  The dolphins and the kingfish were small, so we had to release quite a few of them.  The snappers however, were very nice size fish.  Everyone that went on this trip ate for a week off what we caught them. 

Caught a couple nice dolphins today on the Fort Lauderdale drift fishing boats 

In the afternoon, we went back out and the drift had picked up. We couldn’t sit right on top of our snapper spot long enough to get the baits to the bottom so we moved on and tried some fishing just outside the reef.  We hit a nice little school of dolphins and caught a couple of them.  We had to release a few of them for being too small, but we did get to bring a couple in for dinner.  The guys that put bottom rigs on their lines ended up getting a couple nice mutton snappers.  It was a good afternoon, the fish were biting.

Rod and Adam posing with the awesome wahoo they caught onj their Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charter 

The sportfishing boats had a good trip yesterday as well.  Our customer brought his son out on a sportfishing charter for his birthday.  It was a good day for sportfishing too.  We caught a bunch of kingfish and some small dolphins.  Lots of smaller fish around right now.  Right where we were catching the smaller kingfish and dolphins, we go this huge hit that zinged off a ton of drag.  We brought in all our lures and chased the fish down with the boat.  After a long 25 minute fight, we ended up seeing those beautiful irridescent colors of blue, purple and silver down deep.  It was a wahoo and a big one at that.  Mate shouted “wahooooo” which is what you gotta shout when you catch one of these bad boys.  We caught the fish and got him in the boat.  It was the biggest fish the boy had ever caught and its going to be beautiful mounted in his bedroom.  When we got back, we fileted the meat off the fish and everyone, crew and all, got to take some fish for dinner.  There was plenty to go around.  The fishing is red hot in Fort Lauderdale right now, so let’s get out there and go fishing!!!!

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