Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing Today

Kingfish and snappers biting off Fort Lauderdale 

Well guys, the Fort Lauderdale fishing was actually kind of slow this past week.  We did have some good trips, but there were a few days when we didn’t catch much at all.  Fortunately though, the fishing is improving dramatically.  We’ve been doing pretty good snapper fishing on the drift fishing trips.  Both the day and the night trips have been coming in with good catches of yellowtail, vermillion snappers and a few nice muttons.  Lots of other bottom fish too, most of which we threw back.  The kingfishing was slow last week, but this week the kingfish have been biting pretty good for us.  Larger kings are coming through as well as smaller ones too.  We’ve also hit a few schools of mahi mahi dolphin fish and getting some good numbers of them when we’re lucky enough to find them.  Other than that, the drift fishing boats have been catching a sailfish now and again, but sportfishing has been a lot better for catching the sailfish. 

The kids went fishing off Fort Lauderdale today and came in with a nice catch of snappers 

Sportfishing boats have been slow last week also, but the fishing is picking up.  This week, they’ve released a few nice sailfish. Sportfishing charters have been doing pretty decent on kings and dolphin while trolling.  Bottom fish wise, I’ve been seeing a couple nice groupers caught this week.  Capt. Johan caught a 30 pound black grouper yesterday which was the nicest one of those I’ve seen caught in a while.  Some good sized red groupers have been hitting too.  Fishing has been getting better and will keep getting better as we get deeper into the winter fishing season.  Sea ya all out there….

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